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Machine Learning & Web Development: A DU Build-A-Bot Adventure

The integration of robots into daily life presents new challenges and opportunities in understanding human-robot interactions. The ""DU Build-A-Bot"" project at University of Denver serves as a pioneering platform at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Human-Robot Interaction. Developed by an interdisciplinary team encompassing experts from Computer Science, Music, Emergent Digital Practices, Psychology, and STEM fields, this project introduces an innovative, web-based 3D game, ""DU Want to Build-A-Bot?"" which allows users to design robots with human-like attributes. This initiative not only aids in understanding the perceptions of the human mind towards robots but also enhances our machine learning models through user interaction. The core objectives of the project include mastering web development technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, exploring the potentials of machine learning in web applications, and refining the user experience of our platform.

Methods employed involve using Visual Studio Code as the primary development environment, Docker for application packaging, and GitLab for efficient source code management. My role as a Web Developer and Machine Learning Research Scientist involves enhancing the website's design and navigation, improving the integration of video content, and conducting extensive literature reviews on robotic applications in various sectors. Current efforts focus on overhauling the website to make it more intuitive and accessible, thereby promoting inclusivity. Challenges faced include navigating complex software applications and adapting to new programming languages. Future directions aim at completing website enhancements for a superior user experience and delving deeper into machine learning to better comprehend the nuanced interactions between humans and robots.