Real Estate and the Built Environment

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Nothing exists without the built environment. If you're interested in real estate, property development or construction management, the Daniels College of Business' real estate and the built environment (REBE) major delves into all three areas. This integrated model of education distinguishes the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management from other institutions, making it one of the few in the nation to meld the business side with the built side of real estate. In a rapidly changing industry, that distinction is critical.

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Throughout the four-year program, local and national real estate and construction firms conduct information sessions on campus, seeking students for internships and full- and part-time positions.

With concentrations in real estate, property development and construction management, REBE offers a broad spectrum of career tracks that include financial market analysis, real estate brokerage, property appraisal and management, construction project and sustainability management, investment strategy, real estate development and integrated project leadership.

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