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Adult Education
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The Master of Science in management from the Daniels College of Business is designed for people who didn't pursue an undergraduate degree in business. No matter your career field, effective management is critical as you work to make a business or organization successful. Earn an MS in Management to learn organizational behavior, talent recruiting, strategic decision-making, financial know-how and organizational accountability.

Description 2

With a multi-disciplinary approach, you'll be able to run projects smoothly, with seamless management strategies and teams of people who are fulfilled and productive on the job. From managerial finance and persuasive communication to organizational behavior and human resource management, you'll take 45 credits in a diverse set of courses on the way to completing your degree, with hands-on experience through:

  • Job shadowing managers at partner companies
  • Participating in various competitions
  • Topical sessions where you'll learn about micro-communication, digital interaction and political maneuvering
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