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Our Bachelor of Arts in applied computing is an ideal degree for students with both the desire to develop application-based computer science skills and acquire a broad set of practical and highly marketable skills. As a student of applied computing, you will take in-depth computer science classes, along with allied field coursework. Whether you choose to focus on emergent digital practices, learning how to use new digital tools for expression or a media, film studies and journalism theme, you'll be prepared with a flexible set of skills to enter any number of in-demand careers.

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The collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of the BA in applied computing means that you have the flexibility to add a minor or a second major. Our BA in digital media studies is particularly complementary with this degree, but it can also pair well with degrees ranging from business to studio art. Graduates of the program find career opportunities in fields like graphic design, web development and systems administration.

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The bachelor of arts in applied computing (BA in AC) provides a quality education for the serious computer user. It complements the department's bachelor of science in computer science by providing a program that combines collaboration with other departments and an applications-oriented emphasis.

The BA in applied computing provides a computer science foundation suitable for interdisciplinary collaborations in other disciplines. The degree is ideal for students interested in combing computing with other disciplines such as digital art and design, media, bioinformatics, computational science, psychology or business. Most of our BA majors double major in another discipline. A graduate with a BA in applied computing would be attractive to any employer who wants both computational and other disciplinary skills.

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The CS department at DU has been a highlight of my college career. The professors and staff went the extra mile, especially with helping with extracurricular activities and events. They rock.

Nick Beeson, Class of 2018
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For the graduating class of 2018, computer science majors are projected to be one of the top-paid degrees at the bachelor’s degree level.


The B.A. in applied computing is, in my opinion, a beautiful degree. The idea behind it is you get a firm foundation in computer science, then you take that...and apply it to some other discipline.

Scott Leutenegger, Department Chair, Computer Science

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