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Do you love building intricate systems? Do you get satisfaction from understanding the invisible frameworks behind them? If so, you may be a perfect candidate for a Bachelor of Science in game development. You will focus heavily on developing your computer science and programming skills while building a strong foundation in the artistic, critical and design elements of games. You will also have the option to focus either on the appreciation, understanding and production of art, or on the critical, technical and design elements of digital media.

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The BS in game development requires you to pursue a minor in mathematics, as well as a second art-related minor. You also will take specific classes from art and emergent digital practices to help ensure that you develop a well-rounded skill set. Although the BS in game development prepares you for a career in game development, the additional skills you develop will help you effectively collaborate with artists and others throughout the development process.

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The bachelor of science in game development provides a combination of computer science, mathematics, and creativity. Students take 52 credits of COMP courses, minor in mathematics, and have a second minor in either art, emergent digital practices, or another approved creative discipline. Students graduate with a technical foundation equivalent to the BS in computer science as well as ability and sensibility in art and design. Thus, graduates of this program are able to participate in the programming/development of games while also being able to communicate effectively with artistic game development team members.

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