Professional Fiction Writing

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Share your story, explore the art of writing fiction, and take the opportunity to develop your own unique, authentic voice and style by pursuing the professional fiction writing program. From short stories to novels, you'll analyze the key elements found in the best fiction and use that analysis to develop fundamental writing techniques. Explore and refine your own approach while cultivating the skills and habits necessary to sustain your creative efforts.

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Not only will you hone the skills required to write fiction professionally, you'll also receive a great deal of experience editing and analyzing your work and the work of others. These skills can easily carry over to any career where writing is a key element. You can earn your MA in professional creative writing with a concentration in professional fiction writing entirely online or evenings on campus through the University of Denver's University College. Beyond the coursework dedicated to fiction, you also can choose electives from other creative writing areas, including poetry, and dramatic and nonfiction writing.

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