2021 Sustainability Conference

The 2021 Sustainability Conference brought together the largest and most diverse set of speakers in its history. While we all missed the the energy and connectivity that comes from an in-person conference, this virtual conference offered some distinct advantages: our speakers came from all across the state and our audiences came from all over the country. Plus, we were able to record the full conference and present it after the fact for those who missed it. Check out the sessions from this year's conference below.

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Opening Keynote: Disrupting, Reimaging, and Convening the Future

Ali Boyd

Promoting Environmental Justice in BIPOC Communities

Rachel Forbes, Anna Craggs, Kylee Peterson, and Sarah Wochele

Breaking Free From Plastics

anny Katz, Randy Moorman, and Matilda Thornton-Clarke

Continue Your Sustainability Learning Journey in Pioneer@Work

Bella Peccolo

Completing A Regional Conservation Assessment with a Focus on Equitable Access

Chris Hawkins and Leander Lacy

Team Science for Climate Solutions

Lisa Reyes Mason

Post-Covid Mindshift

Doni Clemons, Kristin Mitchell, and Isabela Galarza Gonzalez

Buildings, Solar, Plans and COVID: Moving Towards Carbon Neutrality in Times of Change

Chad King and Lynn Bailey

DU Update Rapid Fire with the Center for Sustainability

Hanna Gaetner, Leah McCord, Elizabeth Pepper, Kayla Fatemi-Badi, Russell Yohannan, Grace LaMendola,
Jonathan Clark, Sarah Schuler, Kalyn McDonnell, and Stella Brown

What is the Sustainability Council Up To?

Anna Sher and Seamus Geraty

Greening the Crimson Tide

Kate Maegley

Investing for Impact

Chris Hughen

Where Do We Go From Here?

Chad King and Emily Schosid