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Sustainable Transportation

A critical component of our community is our integration with the greater Denver area, and we've worked hard to improve those connections and provide sustainable mobility options for everyone on and around campus. We're partnering with local transportation utilities and other organizations to offer access to public transit, car shares and bicycle programs, offering our student body the chance to explore Denver's vibrant cultural and professional scenes with minimal environmental impact.

Together with organizations like RTD, Transportation Solutions and the Denver Regional Council of Governments, we continue to improve those options while developing new ways to relieve congestion in the city and reduce carbon emissions from commuting and travel.

DU is leading the way in transportation options in providing an on-demand campus shuttle. Shuttle routes are designed to connect from residence halls and the light rail station to classrooms, labs and offices during commuting hours. During the middle of the day, use the Tripshot app to hail a ride to and from any of the 15 stops. This provides access to grocery shopping, coffee shops, dining, and entertainment across south Denver. All shuttle rides are free to anyone with a DU ID and a boarding pass in the Tripshot app. Find out more at the parking and mobility services website.

Public Transit Integration

Our campus is uniquely suited to lead in sustainable mobility, as our location and investments have enabled us to connect seamlessly with Denver's public transit systems. An RTD light rail station sits just across the street at the north end of campus, and several bus lines offer service along Evans Avenue and University Boulevard. We empower our community to utilize public transit to get around the city as much as possible, providing College Passes to all undergraduates and most graduate students, plus EcoPasses for faculty and staff. Both passes grant unlimited access to RTD services, including Denver's airport train, which runs from Union Station to Denver International Airport.

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Register a Bike

Bringing a bike to campus? Make sure you register your bike and keep your registration current each year while you're on campus. This helps prevent bike theft.

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Sustainable Transportation Resources

DU Bike Shop

The DU Bike Shop makes bicycle access more available for everyone on campus. Our student-run, on-campus bike shop provides free services — only charging for parts — to keep your bike on the road. The shop is located in the basement of Nagel Hall.

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DU Ski Bus

The Alpine Club runs a ski bus that operates most weekends during the winter quarter, taking students up to various ski mountains so that our community can enjoy the natural splendor of the Rockies while reducing transportation emissions.

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Bustang is a statewide bus services that offers connections to many of the cities outside Denver, including popular destinations like Boulder, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Fort Collins.

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Car Sharing

ZipCar provides vehicles for occasional short-term use as an alternative to bringing a car to campus. Additionally, ZipCar has partnered with DU to offer discounted memberships for students, faculty, and staff. Other services like eGo and Maven operate in Denver as well, so it's almost always possible to get around without owning a car.

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Transportation Education Classes

Want to learn more about taking care of your bike? Come to a quarterly class hosted by the Center for Sustainability and learn the basics of bike mechanics and safety guidelines for biking around campus and the city.

Dockless Scooters & Bicycles

There are several dockless scooter and bike operators functioning in Denver, and while it's illegal to ride them on campus or on sidewalks, they're a great way to get around the city without driving.

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Keep Your Bike Safe

Campus Safety is committed to helping you keep your bike safe at DU. Read their tips on how to do that

Bicycle Safety Tips

Travel Offsetting

Carbon Offsets for Travel

Flights taken by students, faculty and staff account for around 15 percent of the University's total carbon footprint, and we're working to promote new solutions that support investment from the community in more equitable, sustainable travel solutions.

Study abroad programs produce a large portion of our travel emissions, as a large percentage of our undergraduates take at least one semester to live and learn in countries around the world. To alleviate the environmental impact of all that travel, we've set up a carbon offset partnership with Native Energy, a local organization that performs methane capture on the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Lands in southern Colorado. Students can opt-in to the offset program and make a local impact with global effects.

Want to offset your travel and support our sustainability efforts? Give to the Carbon Offsets Fund by clicking here or by texting "CARBON" to 41444, and help our community fight for a more sustainable future.

Are you getting ready to study abroad and want to learn more about offsetting your travel? Learn more here.

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