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Student government plays a prominent role in the decisions made across campus, and nowhere is that more true than in the University's sustainability efforts. The Sustainability Committee, known as SusCom for short, is dedicated to motivating and activating the student body toward a more sustainable lifestyle by providing funding for various sustainability- and environmentally-related causes and projects across campus and the community.

It began in 2006, when the student body voted to assess itself a $16 per student per year "green fee;" now those funds are managed by SusCom, and groups from all over campus can apply for financial support for their projects by demonstrating the proposal's overall impact on the community and DU's sustainability goals. It's just one way that our students form the backbone of our sustainability initiatives and push us forward as a community toward a more just and sustainable future.

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Student Government Initiatives

The Undergraduate Student Government as a whole body has also taken a stand to be leaders in campus sustainability at DU. Their commitment to advancing sustainability as a key value at the University of Denver has led to strong resolutions to be passed, including:

  • Silverware

    A resolution to ban single-use plastics at DU-funded events

  • Calendar

    A resolution to provide free compostable materials at student events

  • Globe

    A resolution to move our carbon neutrality date from 2050 to 2030

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    A resolution for the Board of Trustees to divest the endowment from fossil fuels

$88,000 in funding made available annually for student sustainability projects

Funding & Projects

Each year, the USG Sustainability Committee provides funding for a range of projects and initiatives on campus aimed at spurring change toward a more equitable and sustainable world. Through SusCom funding, students are empowered to pursue exciting opportunities and launch their own sustainability projects. Students have traveled to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) annual conference, where representatives from institutions of higher learning come together to advance the cause of sustainability on campuses across the country. At home, SusCom funds key sustainability programs such as Earth Day of DUing, the campus thrift store and our annual sustainability conference.

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Fund Your Project

Students can apply for funding through USG SusCom to support sustainability-focused research and class projects, community events, and more.

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SusCom Event Planning Help

  • Compostable Materials

    If you're hosting a small event on campus with less than 100 attendees, you can contact SusCom for free compostable materials such as plates and cups. Don't forget to request compost bins through Conversions at least a week in advance so that you can successfully compost your waste materials.

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  • Zero Waste Event Guide

    Planning an event? We are happy to help you find ways to reduce the environmental impact of whatever you’re planning. Download the Green Events Guide and start planning events that are socially impactful, without the negative environmental impacts.

    Zero Waste Event Guide

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