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At DU, our success in building a just, sustainable future hinges on the passion of our students and collaboration with the larger community. Sustainability at DU is more than just a side project for our students — it's a set of goals and values that influence our educational approach, the design of our campus and our plans for the future of our community. Over the years we have shifted our approach so that it places social justice and the perspectives from traditionally underrepresented identities at the center of our work.

We believe that moving forward requires support from all angles, with our students leading to take action on new ideas, develop realistic, forward-thinking goals, and forge new connections. We invite the entire DU community to join us as we work to help reshape our planet and safeguard our future.

Living Sustainably

At DU, all members of our community have access to many resources to help them live, eat, and learn more sustainably. Learn how we empower our community to make a difference through meaningful action.

Sustainability Tips

Our Students Lead the Way

Student Organizations

From solar power to pollinator gardens, to backpacking trips, to food recovery, our passionate students come together in clubs and organizations that work toward a healthier environment and a more sustainable society.

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Each year brings a wealth of new opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to step up, take an active role, and make a difference for their local communities and the global environment. Bring your passion for change and let's get to work!

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campus earth day event

Campus and Community Events

Students, staff, faculty, and our neighbors in the community come together regularly to engage in  activities and projects that promote or support sustainability. In the fall quarter, the Center for Sustainability hosts Sustain-O-Ween, a day of fun fall-themed sustainability workshops, activities and learning opportunities; winter quarter brings its cold-weather counterpart Sustain-a-Winter, another day filled with opportunities to learn and grow with the Center for Sustainability On our campus-wide Earth Day of DU-ing in the spring, faculty, staff, students, families, alumni, and friends partner with dozens of campus and community partners to complete community service projects designed to make Denver a more just and sustainable city. There's almost always some way to get involved in sustainability at DU.

How to Get Involved

There's no shortage of ways for our community to invest their time and energy in a more sustainable future at home and around the world.

Join the Sustainability Council

The Council is a body composed of students, staff and faculty of the University dedicated to guiding our progress toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Join the Council and help advocate for sustainable practices on campus and beyond alongside your peers in the community.

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Work at the Center for Sustainability

The Center employs students to help plan and execute its sustainability programs around campus and in the community. Get involved and help plan for the future of our campus.

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Join the Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee within the Undergraduate Student Government manages funding for sustainability projects and events in the DU community. Get involved with student government and discover your power to make a difference.

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Join a Student Club

Our student body is always coming up with new ways to pursue your interests and hobbies, and if you're environmentally inclined or just want to learn about sustainability, joining a club can be a great way to meet like-minded people who can help you find your impact.

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Conduct Sustainability Research

As a major research institution, DU is always at the forefront of discoveries that can change the world. As a student, you can apply for funding for research of your own design and contribute to the ever-growing body of knowledge that will shape our future.

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Create a Class Project

Whether you're taking courses focused on sustainability or you want to integrate an environmental perspective into another class, starting a project can bring students together and help you create the educational experience that inspires you.

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