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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability


Our Waste programs aim to increase awareness of waste production on campus and divert more waste from the landfill, increasing alternative disposal methods like recycling and composting. Some examples of our waste programming include: 

Zero Waste Games

Zero Waste Games help make our popular athletics program more sustainable. This program educates staff, fans and volunteers as well as Sodexo and facilities staff on correct disposal of waste. Volunteers are brought in to engage with fans and "goalie" the bins to ensure fans dispose of waste correctly. Zero waste volunteers will:

  • Get to watch the game for free
  • Be paired with a zero waste buddy for the event
  • Receive a $9 meal voucher to eat at the event
  • Receive a free t-shirt

Our zero waste team began diverting waste at hockey games in 2012. It was the first student run zero waste hockey program in the country. After years of figuring out what works and what doesn't work and maintaining a 79% diversion rate in the 2015-2016 season, our staff and staff from Athletics, Sodexo and Facilities agreed to expand to all sports. In the 2016-2017 season, we will target waste diversion in all sports!

Mt Trashmore

Visually seeing something can lead to an increased understanding and that is goal of Mt Trashmore; to increase awareness of waste production on campus by publicly displaying building-level waste. In order to better understand our waste stream and analyze the composition of our waste stream, we perform a one day study of all campus waste. Working with managers and building partners, volunteers and sustainability staff, this project seeks to bring together the campus community. All campus waste (landfill, recycling, and compost) is collected for a 24 hour period and displayed in one pile in the lot at the corner of High and Iliff. From there it is sorted into compost, recycling, and landfill material then weighed, re-bagged and disposed of in dumpsters on the lot. Documentation of this process is used for educational awareness around our daily practices in order to minimize overall campus waste.

Clean Community Crew

The University of Denver is a beautiful campus and the clean community crew helps maintain that beauty. The goal of the clean community crew is to engage the DU community in clean-ups of our campus every quarter. This interaction with the campus increases understanding of waste at DU and cultivates an appreciation for preserving a healthy environment. You can find the dates for our clean-up days on the events page. Better yet, you can sign-up for our listserv to be notified of upcoming clean-up days and other important sustainability news.

Furniture Share

Looking for a desk or file cabinet for your office? Need to get rid of your used but still functional office chair? Furniture share is the place for you.

How does furniture sharing work?
If you have something to share, fill out this form and email a picture of the item to [email protected] We will post this information and share the posting at our quarterly FreeCycle day on the Driscoll Bridge. If you want an item you simply need to contact the person who posted it and submit a work order for facilities to move it.