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Center for Sustainability

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Bringing Movements Together – 7th Annual DUET Sustainability Summit

Working together across national and global movements was the conversational trend behind the Sustainability Summit on April 30th. "Sustainability is about justice in every form," said Liliana Rodriguez, Vice Chancellor of Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence at the University of Denver, when asked what sustainability means to her. Lilliana was one of six panelists at the summit, a group comprised of several different backgrounds, including grassroots organizers, university administrators, business forces, as well as passionate and involved students.

The summit was centered around Ecology, Equity and Economy and how these three pillars are pivotal aspects of the sustainability movement. The day started out with a panel discussing the panelists backgrounds and how sustainability has been a part of their past and present. "When we talk about sustainability I would like to start talking about expanding opportunity for everything and everyone," said Chad King, Director of DU's Center for Sustainability.

According to a study from Tufts University, Hazardous waste sites, landfills, incinerators, and other contaminated facilities are disproportionately placed in poor and minority neighborhoods. As the day continued, each of the six panelists split off to present on a particular topic within the realm of sustainability. Lilliana Rodriguez, a Mexican-American from the Los Angeles area, talked specifically about her experiences and knowledge of environmental contamination in disadvantaged communities, particularly black and brown communities.

Ending in the early afternoon, the summit closed with a keynote presentation from Adam Schlegel, one of the co-owners of Snooze Eatery. Adam amended his keynote speech to be more of a dialogue session with the audience. He urged people to use the power and influence of business in order to effectually introduce sustainable practices. "If you want to change the environment, one of the best things you can do is go into business," said Adam during his keynote presentation.

For more information about our panelists and featured speakers, here are some links to what they are doing in the greater Denver community. Liliana RodriguezRichard EidlinTashan MontgomeryGabe KiritzNick StublerChad King, and Adam Schlegel

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