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Taking Action

This journey does not end with the publishing of our results. The success of this effort depends on our ability to take next steps. We must now explore University-wide shared themes, find the opportunities to grow, and celebrate who we are together.

Town halls

The initial roll-out of the results included presentations throughout October to University Council, Staff Advisory Council, Women's Leadership Council and the Faculty Senate. HRIC hosted a series of town hall sessions to the full university community on these results throughout November. We hope you'll join us for a deep-dive on the results and learn what the pilot year of the survey means for DU. 

Access the slides presented in the Town Hall events here.

Divisional results and activities

While personally-identifying information has been removed from all survey results, each division has been provided with results unique to their division, in order to highlight opportunities for growth and change. Your division leadership will soon share those results with you, as well as plans for how your team will engage with those results.

Benefits benchmarking study

In coordination with Faculty Senate and SAC, DU will be conducting a Benefits Benchmarking study, helping to ensure that the benefits provided by DU are competitive for industry and region.

Elevating highlights and best practices

As we explore the results and the meaning behind them, certain departments and divisions will naturally elevate as leaders and models to follow. We can all learn from the departments that excel in certain areas, and by sharing their practices we will all grow as a community.