Global Engagement

Bringing Global Engagement to Higher Education

The Office of Global Engagement helps the University adapt to unpredictable changes across the world. Led by Christopher Hill, former U.S. ambassador and assistant secretary of state, this Office will craft a 21st-century platform for global engagement in higher education. Along with lectures and events across campus with an international focus, the Office will also bring high-ranking visitors to the University.

Past Events

white house

The Future of Democracy, Free Trade, and Alliances in the Trump Era

Join Dina Smeltz, Senior Fellow on Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, Chicago Council on Global Affairs; Ambassador Christopher Hill; Professor Sam Zhao; and Director of the Crossley Center and pollster, Floyd Ciruli.

In Cooperation with the Consulate-General of Japan in Denver

March 2, 2020 - The Japan-U.S. Alliance & the 2020 Election

A discussion with Doshisha University Professor, Koji Murata and Dina Smeltz, Senior Fellow for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs - Joined by Ambassador Hill, Crossley Center Director Floyd Ciruli, and China Center Director Suisheng Zhao.

Former Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in Beijing with Director Floyd Ciruli and Professor Suisheng Zhao

February 4, 2020 - Japan-China-U.S. and Japan’s Vision for the Indo-Pacific

Former Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in Beijing with Director Floyd Ciruli and Professor Suisheng Zhao

How to bring the US-China Relations back on the right track?

January 28, 2020 - How to bring the US-China Relations back on the right track?

Come join Jackson/Ho China Forum & The Office of Global Engagement as they host an event with speakers Robert Holden, Suisheng Zhao, and Amb. Christopher Hill

Trump and democratic Question mark

November 7, 2019 - One Year to the 2020 Presidential Election

Former Ambassador Christopher Hill and Director of the Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research, Floyd Ciruli, will assess the changes in American democracy and the impact on American foreign policy with one year prior to the 2020 Presidential Election

Shaking hands

October 22, 2019 - Diplomatic Dialogue: Japan - US Cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region

Former Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary Noriyuki Shikata, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in China, and Ambassador Hill, former assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, will engage in a dialogue

October 3, 2019 - Denver Council on Foreign Relations hosts: Is American Diplomacy Dead?

Ambassador Hill Kicks-off with the Denver Council on Foreign Relations: Is American Diplomacy Dead?

September 28, 2019 - Global Security Forum 2019

Power and Leadership: Projection vs. Protection

America bridged to the EU

September 17, 2019 - Ambassador Dialogues

Transatlantic Approaches to Confronting Global Challenges, with Italian Ambassador Armando Varricchio, Italian Ambassador to the U.S. and Ambassador Ivan Korčok, Slovak Republic Ambassador to the U.S

September 16, 2019 - Vail Symposium

An Evening with the Ambassadors: A Geopolitical Conversation with Ambassadors Hussain Haqqani and Christopher Hill

Colorado Remembers 9/11

September 11, 2019 - 18th Anniversary Commemoration as Colorado remembers 9/11

Colorado remembers 9/11 with featured speakers: Gen. Stanley McChrystal,The Hon. Ed Royce, Amb. Christopher R. Hill and Tom Sanderson.

The Future of alliances

September 10, 2019 - America's Role in the World

The Future of Alliances at 5:00 PM (MT) at Maglione Hall, Josef Korbel School of International Studies Anna and John J. Sie International Relations Complex

September 9, 2019 - America's greatest foreign policy challenges

Ambassador Hill and the Tennessee World Affairs Council discuss America's greatest foreign policy challenges.

Trump and Kim Jong Un

September 9, 2019 - Inside Nuclear Negotiations with N. Korea

Tennessee World Affairs Council hosts Ambassador Hill and the Nuclear Negotiations with N. Korea


America's Diplomatic Challenges

A Talk by Ambassador Hill on Sunday August 18 at 4 P.M.

nupi chris hill

Ambassador Hill Visits the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Diplomacy at Work in Turbulent Times

Ambassador Hill shares his insights and experiences from the front-line of American diplomacy. From the wars in the Balkans to the brutality of North Korea to the endless war in Iraq, he offered lessons  from the life of an American diplomat negotiating hard problems with difficult partners. Ambassador Hill shared his vision for the role of diplomacy in addressing national crises, and America's role in global politics. 

The Korean Peninsula: One of America’s Greatest Foreign Policy Challenges

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Midterm Election Event

Midterm Elections 2018 Results: What Policy Changes are Likely?

Ambassador Christopher Hill and Professor Floyd Ciruli reprised their popular post-election analyses of the November results and its domestic and international effects on November 7 in Maglione Hall.

The post-election session reviewed the midterm results, the possible end of one-party control of the federal government and the likelihood of impeachment. 

North Korea’s Diplomatic Gambit: Will History Repeat Itself?

Ambassador Hill's Testimony Before Congress

On April 11, Ambassador Hill testified before the United States House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific. During his testimony, he discussed past and current relations between the United States and North Korea before answering questions from subcommittee members.

Ambassador Christopher Hill

Meet Ambassador Hill

Ambassador Christopher Hill is the Chief Global Adviser to the University of Denver. Over a 33-year foreign service career, he served six presidents and 11 secretaries of state. Hill led the U.S. delegation in six-party talks on the North Korea nuclear issue while assistant secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific Affairs, and was the U.S ambassador to Iraq, South Korea, Poland and Macedonia. He’s received numerous awards, including the State Department’s Distinguished Service Award. Hill was dean of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies from 2010 to 2017.

About the Ambassador


cta background image

Media Appearances

Ambassador Christopher Hill appears on local and national media outlets to discuss a wide range of global topics, from North Korea's nuclear capabilities to conflicts in the Middle East.

Learn More

Zoom Events

May 29th, 2020 - U.S.-China Relations: How to Get Back on the Right Track


C+V launches resources & events page to aid in navigating the recent events in our nation


After the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, we know that many are looking for support and spaces to talk with one another about these events. Therefore, in order to serve the community and help each other feel connected during these challenging times, Community + Values has compiled a list of programs, events, and resources for the DU community. 


Past Event: Partnership Event: MLK Day Panel - The Black Liberation Movement: Letters from a Birmingham Jail to Black Lives Matter


The resistance to slavery and the Transatlantic Slave trade began at the very instant that Africans were first enslaved by colonizing forces from western Europe. The movement advancing the liberation of Black people has taken various forms over the centuries. From the everyday acts of resistance by enslaved people to the organized underground railroad; from the “Turn around Tuesday” to “Black Lives Matter”; generations of Black activists have staunchly advanced the ideal of human rights for all despite pervasive racism and systemic oppression.

In this panel we bring together three generations of Black scholars, thinkers and activists to reflect on the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King Jnr. and the continued struggle for Black Liberation.

Featuring panelists:

Recording coming soon.


Partnership Event: Election Edition Kick-off & A Community Table


Kickoff: Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020 | 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

From aspiration to action, join us for lightning talks and conversation to find ways to work together for social change. Led by DU Grand Challenges in partnership with ODEI, C+V, and IEE.

Stay tuned for the kick off registration link, speaker line-up, and more!

A Community Table: Tables held between Tuesday, Nov.10, 2020 & Friday, Dec.11, 2020

As this divisive election cycle ends, we need space to listen, share, and build community now more than ever. We invite you to join us for A Community Table: Election Edition, an initiative for small groups to come together, regroup, process, and reimagine our future. We want to support you in building spaces with your friends, colleagues and relatives as we accept the election results and imagine our hopes for the world in 2021. In partnership with DU DialogUesThe Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Community + Values, DU Grand Challenges provides the tools (sample invitations, conversation guides, facilitation training webinars, and more) that you need to host a conversation. You choose when, on what platform, and with whom to have that conversation. It's that simple. 


Announcement: No 11/12 C+V Community Talk


Because C+V carried out our Special Edition Community Talk on 11/4 and is working as a partner for the DU Grand Challenges A Community Table: Special Election, which kicks off on 11/10, we will not be holding a webinar on 11/12.

Our next scheduled webinar will be 12/10. We will be holding a Community Table event on that day. More details to come!


Past Event: C+V Special Edition Community Talks: A Post-Election Community Space


At this point, to say that 2020 has been challenging feels like an understatement. We recognize that people feel exhausted, and now comes another incredibly emotional event: the 2020 election. As we think about how we take care of our mental health and well-being in these times, C+V invites you to join Dr. Travis Heath, Associate Professor of Professional Psychology; Scott van Loo, Director, Learning Effectiveness Program; and fellow panelists for a Special Edition Community Talk: A Post-Election Community Space to reflect, dialogue, and absorb the election results and think about how we process, heal, and move forward together.


Mindful of Race: Ruth King

My Grandmother's Hands: Resmaa Menakem

The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Rhonda V. Magee, forward by Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Body Keeps the Score: Bessel Van der Kolk, MD

Pew Research on Political Polarization 

TEDxMSUDenver: Self Care to Communities of Care, Travis Heath 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 | 11 am - 12 pm

*Please note, this is a special edition Community Talk scheduled for Wednesday. 


Past Event: C+V Community Talks: Political Identity: The Story of You


C+V and DU DialogUes, in partnership with the Center on American Politics, invites the DU community to watch a virtual fishbowl dialogue of participants that represent a broad range of social identities, political affiliations, beliefs, experiences, and cultures. This will not be a time for debate on hot topics or party ideals; rather, the viewers will watch the participants dialogue about the values and experiences that have shaped their political identities. By telling and hearing our stories, we can engage with politics without contention, which will better enable us to understand and empathize with each other. 



2020 Post-Election DU Events: Coming Together as a Community


In order to serve the community and help each other feel connected during a challenging year and election season, we have compiled a list of post-election events below. We hope this list serves as a starting point for connection, conversation, and support.


Your Resilience & Growth Mindset Roadmap: Growing Through Difficulties


C+V is partnering with 4-D, HRIC, DUGC, The Cultural Center, Athletics and Recreation, and other campus partners to create an asynchronous, self-guided module for our DU community to facilitate their own virtual journey through the topics of resilience and growth mindset. Participants will learn about the various definitions and aspects of resilience and growth mindset and create their own “roadmap” and goals to grow through these difficulties and emerge stronger.

Each participant will who completes the module will receive their personalized roadmap, a resource packet, and a FREE e-copy of Micro-Resilience: Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive, and Energy by Bonnie St. John & Allen P. Haines.

* After you register, you will receive the link to the self-guided module, your guidebook, and additional information for the module from the C+V team. This is an asynchronous, self-guided module. Participants can complete this module at any date/time that works best for them. Module will be available throughout 2020.


Past Event: C + V Community Leadership Conversation: Ft. Mary Clark, Provost & Todd Adams, VC, SAIE


We know at DU that we like to bring our whole selves to the community, and it’s hard to find time to slow down during these chaotic times and welcome people to DU. So we want to make space for two wonderful people who recently joined our DU community, DU Provost and Vice Chancellor Mary Clark and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Todd Adams. We are excited to invite you to join us for our first C+V Community Leadership Conversation with Mary and Todd, where we will learn more about “what makes them, them!”


C+V & Office of the Provost Community Coffee Hours



We know that this year and the physical distancing measures have presented new challenges for all of us. It's more important now than ever before that we feel supported and in community in our daily lives. In that spirit, C+V and the Office of the Provost would like to invite you join us for a free cup of coffee or hot chocolate and some human connection while practicing physical distancing protocols every Thursday at Beans!

Please note, the final coffee hour will now take place on 11/12 due to the updated COVID level. There will be no coffee hour on Thursday, 11/19.



Meet our 2020-2021 C+V Graduate Fellows


Meet the 2020-2021 C+V Graduate Fellows! Learn more about their experiences and how they'll be co-leading the work of C+V.


Past Event: C+V & 4-Dimensional Experience: How to Intentionally Build Community


“The key to creating or transforming community, then, is to see the power in the small but important elements of being with others.” – Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging

Community is a powerful concept – community allows us to feel a sense of belonging and support. Fellow community members are there to hear us, see us, share in experiences with us, and accept us for who we are. However, building community does not just happen. It takes intentional, authentic, thoughtful action to connect and engage with others. We invite you to join Community + Values, in collaboration with the 4-Dimensional Experience and other campus partners, as we create an authentic space for DU community members to come together and dialogue about how we can intentionally build community together at DU.

*There will be no video recording of this event to honor the privacy of the participant conversations