Global Engagement

Bringing Global Engagement to Higher Education

The Office of Global Engagement helps the University adapt to unpredictable changes across the world. Led by Christopher Hill, former U.S. ambassador and assistant secretary of state, this Office will craft a 21st-century platform for global engagement in higher education. Along with lectures and events across campus with an international focus, the Office will also bring high-ranking visitors to the University.

Past Events

white house

The Future of Democracy, Free Trade, and Alliances in the Trump Era

Join Dina Smeltz, Senior Fellow on Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, Chicago Council on Global Affairs; Ambassador Christopher Hill; Professor Sam Zhao; and Director of the Crossley Center and pollster, Floyd Ciruli.

In Cooperation with the Consulate-General of Japan in Denver

March 2, 2020 - The Japan-U.S. Alliance & the 2020 Election

A discussion with Doshisha University Professor, Koji Murata and Dina Smeltz, Senior Fellow for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs - Joined by Ambassador Hill, Crossley Center Director Floyd Ciruli, and China Center Director Suisheng Zhao.

Former Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in Beijing with Director Floyd Ciruli and Professor Suisheng Zhao

February 4, 2020 - Japan-China-U.S. and Japan’s Vision for the Indo-Pacific

Former Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in Beijing with Director Floyd Ciruli and Professor Suisheng Zhao

How to bring the US-China Relations back on the right track?

January 28, 2020 - How to bring the US-China Relations back on the right track?

Come join Jackson/Ho China Forum & The Office of Global Engagement as they host an event with speakers Robert Holden, Suisheng Zhao, and Amb. Christopher Hill

Trump and democratic Question mark

November 7, 2019 - One Year to the 2020 Presidential Election

Former Ambassador Christopher Hill and Director of the Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research, Floyd Ciruli, will assess the changes in American democracy and the impact on American foreign policy with one year prior to the 2020 Presidential Election

Shaking hands

October 22, 2019 - Diplomatic Dialogue: Japan - US Cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region

Former Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary Noriyuki Shikata, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan in China, and Ambassador Hill, former assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, will engage in a dialogue

October 3, 2019 - Denver Council on Foreign Relations hosts: Is American Diplomacy Dead?

Ambassador Hill Kicks-off with the Denver Council on Foreign Relations: Is American Diplomacy Dead?

September 28, 2019 - Global Security Forum 2019

Power and Leadership: Projection vs. Protection

America bridged to the EU

September 17, 2019 - Ambassador Dialogues

Transatlantic Approaches to Confronting Global Challenges, with Italian Ambassador Armando Varricchio, Italian Ambassador to the U.S. and Ambassador Ivan Korčok, Slovak Republic Ambassador to the U.S

September 16, 2019 - Vail Symposium

An Evening with the Ambassadors: A Geopolitical Conversation with Ambassadors Hussain Haqqani and Christopher Hill

Colorado Remembers 9/11

September 11, 2019 - 18th Anniversary Commemoration as Colorado remembers 9/11

Colorado remembers 9/11 with featured speakers: Gen. Stanley McChrystal,The Hon. Ed Royce, Amb. Christopher R. Hill and Tom Sanderson.

The Future of alliances

September 10, 2019 - America's Role in the World

The Future of Alliances at 5:00 PM (MT) at Maglione Hall, Josef Korbel School of International Studies Anna and John J. Sie International Relations Complex

September 9, 2019 - America's greatest foreign policy challenges

Ambassador Hill and the Tennessee World Affairs Council discuss America's greatest foreign policy challenges.

Trump and Kim Jong Un

September 9, 2019 - Inside Nuclear Negotiations with N. Korea

Tennessee World Affairs Council hosts Ambassador Hill and the Nuclear Negotiations with N. Korea


America's Diplomatic Challenges

A Talk by Ambassador Hill on Sunday August 18 at 4 P.M.

nupi chris hill

Ambassador Hill Visits the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Diplomacy at Work in Turbulent Times

Ambassador Hill shares his insights and experiences from the front-line of American diplomacy. From the wars in the Balkans to the brutality of North Korea to the endless war in Iraq, he offered lessons  from the life of an American diplomat negotiating hard problems with difficult partners. Ambassador Hill shared his vision for the role of diplomacy in addressing national crises, and America's role in global politics. 

The Korean Peninsula: One of America’s Greatest Foreign Policy Challenges

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Midterm Election Event

Midterm Elections 2018 Results: What Policy Changes are Likely?

Ambassador Christopher Hill and Professor Floyd Ciruli reprised their popular post-election analyses of the November results and its domestic and international effects on November 7 in Maglione Hall.

The post-election session reviewed the midterm results, the possible end of one-party control of the federal government and the likelihood of impeachment. 

North Korea’s Diplomatic Gambit: Will History Repeat Itself?

Ambassador Hill's Testimony Before Congress

On April 11, Ambassador Hill testified before the United States House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific. During his testimony, he discussed past and current relations between the United States and North Korea before answering questions from subcommittee members.

Ambassador Christopher Hill

Meet Ambassador Hill

Ambassador Christopher Hill is the Chief Global Adviser to the University of Denver. Over a 33-year foreign service career, he served six presidents and 11 secretaries of state. Hill led the U.S. delegation in six-party talks on the North Korea nuclear issue while assistant secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific Affairs, and was the U.S ambassador to Iraq, South Korea, Poland and Macedonia. He’s received numerous awards, including the State Department’s Distinguished Service Award. Hill was dean of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies from 2010 to 2017.

About the Ambassador


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Media Appearances

Ambassador Christopher Hill appears on local and national media outlets to discuss a wide range of global topics, from North Korea's nuclear capabilities to conflicts in the Middle East.

Learn More

Zoom Events

May 29th, 2020 - U.S.-China Relations: How to Get Back on the Right Track


C+V is Hiring 2021-2022 Graduate Fellows


The Community + Values Graduate Fellows for the Office of the Provost will serve as the project management support for the initiative as a whole. The Community + Values initiative is an initiative to build community and a sense of belonging and to explore what values we hold. We carry out this work through different events, programs, initiatives, and communications.

Visit the link below to learn more about this fellowship opportunity. The priority deadline for first applicant reviews is August 6, 2021. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Chase McNamee, Sr. Project Manager at


C+V Summer 2021 Community Check-in


Greetings from the C+V Team! As the summer progresses, we hope that each of you are finding time for recharge as we move towards another academic year. As we prepare for this fall, our C+V team wants to ensure that our events and initiatives stay relevant to the present needs of the community. We never want to lose sight of our mission of increasing sense of belonging, inclusivity, and shared values on campus.

These consistently changing times bring new circumstances, and we want to expand our understanding of what community members are interested in exploring together. Please complete the linked survey to share your voice!


Partnership Event: Celebrating Pride: Centering the LGBTQ+ Student Experience at DU


Curious about how to better serve LGBTQ+ students at DU? Student, staff and faculty have great power in shaping the experience for LGBTQ+ folks on college campuses. Hear from current and former students about their personal journey and how we all can make a positive impact for this student community at this C+V Community Talk. 

Thursday, June 24, 2021 | 11:00am-12:00pm


Past Partnership Event: Sustaining Heritage: Jewish American Storytelling & Reflections


In the Jewish tradition, storytelling and oral history are central to sustaining the memory and culture of Jewish people. The late Rabbi Lord Johnathan Sacks said that, “Stories hold the group together horizontally across space and vertically across time, giving people a shared identity handed on across the generations.” In this panel, we ask our panelists to share their own stories and reflections of being Jewish in the United States. Topics such as community, resilience, and tradition will guide this event celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month. Join us to hear the stories of DU Jewish American faculty and alumni.

Thursday, May 27, 2021 | 11:00am-12:00pm

Video recording coming soon!


Past Partnership Event: AAPIDA: A Collective of Whose Convenience?


How does one combine some of the largest populations in the world into a collective and celebrate their individual histories and traditions in a single month? That is the challenge of AAPIDA Heritage month, that celebrates, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Desi American Heritage together. While some of these populations are immigrants who moved to America and brought their identity and culture with them, others are indigenous to lands that were colonized by westward expansion into the Pacific. Join us to hear the stories of struggle and success; invisibility and hyper-awareness; operating in the margins and belonging.


Past Partnership Event: Living and Learning on the Spectrum: A Conversation on the Evolution of Autism and Neurodiverse  Advocacy


Being on the Autism spectrum has meant different things for those who live and thrive with this identity. The language and world views surrounding those who are Neurodiverse has evolved from one of marginalization, to tolerance, to acceptance. But can we take the next vital steps to move from acceptance to celebration? In this conversation we begin with understanding and move to our personal and institutional responsibility toward creating inclusive living and learning environment at the University of Denver and beyond.



Values Conversations



As we enter spring, C+V and Provost Mary Clark invite you to join us in a process of renewal and reflection. Together, we can attempt to answer the following questions: who are we as a community and what are our shared values? These questions are fundamental to affirming our sense of self and they shape the future direction of our university. 

The Community + Values Initiative has been focused on finding those threads which make DU a special place. We have been hard at work identifying themes from years’ worth of data, but we want your help in creating a larger picture of understanding. Join us for a conversation about the identity and role of the university, its traditions, and the values you consider most relevant and important. 



Past Event: Partnership Event: The Arab American Experience: A Conversation on Being and Belonging


Arab Americans represent a rich cultural tapestry consisting of 22 countries and several ethnicities- each one with its own lingo, rituals, cuisine, music and traditions. In the United States this community thrives despite harmful portrayals in the media and hurtful interpersonal and systemic violence. Conversations about Arab American belonging in the United States begins by humanizing a people too often caricaturized. In the stories of their community; their struggles and the successes; their hopes and their aspirations we find the people who are our friends, peers, colleagues, and neighbors.


2021 Spring Quarter C+V & Office of the Provost Community Wellness Hours



We know that this year and the physical distancing measures have presented new challenges for all of us. It's more important now than ever before that we feel supported and in community in our daily lives. In that spirit, C+V and the Office of the Provost would like to invite you join us for some free healthy snacks and coffee and some human connection while practicing physical distancing protocols!

Snack Hours:
When: Every Tuesday, 1pm - 3pm between April 6th and June 1st
Where: First floor atrium of the new Community Commons, by the central desk

Coffee Hours:
When: Every Thursday, 9 am - 11 am between April 1st and June 3rd
Where: Beans To-Go Window located on the east side of the hospitality school facing Anderson Academic Commons



Past Event: C+V Special Edition Community Talk: A Community Conversation on Hate and Healing


Our hearts are heavy. We mourn for those whose lives were taken in the tragic murders in Boulder and Atlanta. We are thinking of and sending strength to their family and friends. But what more can we do in the face of hate directed at the communities we are a part of? What happens when our response to violence is more hate or anger toward a community of people? While violence is never justified, we can and should have nuanced conversations about why and how hate is translated into violence. It is in these conversations that we start to formulate how we as individuals and as a community begin a healing response to hate. Through this conversation, we wish to create a space for our community to process, talk, and heal together.


Past Event: C + V Community Leadership Conversation: ft. Val Otten & Renea Morris


We know at DU that we like to bring our whole selves to the community, and it’s hard to find time to slow down during these chaotic times and connect with people in the DU community. So in our second C+V Community Leadership Conversation, we want to make space for two amazing people, DU VC for MarComms Renea Morris and DU SVC for Advancement Val Otten. We want to learn more about “what makes them, them!” 


Past Event: Partnership Event: The First of Women: The Urgency for Change in Institutional Leadership


Women are still achieving “firsts” in various disciplines, leadership, and industry. In this conversation we ask some trailblazing women who are firsts in their positions in institutional leadership about the experience of shattering glass ceilings and the continuing struggle to shed patriarchal systems of thinking and practice.