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The Campus Partners Business Office is a centralized business office within the Shared Services Center that oversees the business operations of approximately 15 divisions across campus.

  • Our Partners
    • Academic Programs
      • Honors
      • Writing
      • Center for Community Engagement to Advance Scholarship and Learning
      • Undergrad Research
      • Pioneer Leadership Program
      • Living and Learning Communities
      • First-Year Seminar Program
    • Audit
    • University Counsel
    • Business & Financial Affairs
      • Environmental Health & Safety
    • Campus Safety
    • Chancellor
      • EEIO/Title IX
    • Human Resources & Inclusive Community
      • Retirees
      • SAC/SOCA
    • Office of Diversity & Inclusion
    • University Financial Services
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Registrar
    • Faculty Affairs
    • Office of Teaching & Learning
    • Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System
    • Institutional Research & Analysis
    • Sustainability
    • Colorado Evaluation & Action Lab
    • Colorado Women's College/Women’s Coalition
    • DU Impact 2025 Projects
  • Our Team

    The Campus Partners team is led by Tamie Walker, the Director of Business & Operations. Tamie serves as the main contact for Division Head, Director, and Department Head strategic planning, as well as budgetary needs.

    Abbey Krause, as Manager of Business & Operations, focuses on budget development, training, and data analytics.

    For transactional requests, Business Officers Sandy Burke and Faith Rose provide primary support. Sandy specializes in all things labor-related, including benefited and non-benefited hiring, job and position changes, and other HR topics. Faith specializes in procurement and AP transactions. Business Officer Floater, Maggie Burkhardt, is a university-wide resource who is available to support teams during Business Officer/Coordinator vacancies.

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