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Special Status Students

You can take classes at DU for personal interest or professional development, even if you're not an enrolled DU student. You can also use special status to acquire credits before transferring to a home institution. Courses are offered in the fall, winter and spring academic quarters. We also offer programs for visiting students in the summer.

Degree Credit

If you're looking for degree credit from DU, you should use either the first-year student application or the transfer student application.

Courses taken as a special status student don't automatically count toward a degree. Upon acceptance to DU's undergraduate degree program, we'll review your coursework to determine if it can be applied toward a degree.

International students should contact International Student Admission.

Three Quarter Maximum

Special status students may attend classes at DU for a maximum of three quarters. Past this point, you must apply to DU's undergraduate program. Admission as a special status student does not guarantee admission as an undergraduate.

Special status courses are only offered during the fall, winter and spring quarters. If you wish to take classes during the summer, please register as a visiting student through the [email protected] program

Graduate Admission

If you've earned a bachelor's degree and would like to take a graduate or undergraduate course, you'll need to apply through graduate admission. View our graduate programs to learn about our offerings, and visit our graduate special status students page to learn how to apply.

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Application Process

Please submit the following materials to complete your college application process:

  • Special Status Student Application
  • Transcript from the last school you attended
  • $65 nonrefundable application fee (via check made out to the University of Denver)

Mail all supplementary materials, including your application fee check, to:

Undergraduate Admission
University of Denver
2197 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80208-9401