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High School Early Experience

Go to college as you're finishing high school.


The Early Experience Program (EEP) is designed for students in grades 10-12 of exceptional maturity and academic ability. Eligible students take regular University of Denver courses for undergraduate college credit. The program is offered during the regular school year and summer quarter. The cost is 50 percent of the normal tuition per credit hour.

Application Process

From application to decision, the process takes approximately one month. Applications will not be reviewed until complete. You will be notified of your status as soon as possible after all required application materials have been received and reviewed.

Admission is based on review of the following materials:

  • Completed EEP application, including parent/guardian and school official signatures
  • Official transcript of all high school work with a minimum 3.5 GPA
  • List of courses in progress
  • SAT, ACT, or PSAT or PLAN score report
  • Written recommendation from high school counselor regarding preparedness for college work
  • Admission interview (Once your application is complete, a staff member from EEP will contact you to arrange an interview.)
  • Depending on the course interest, you may need to meet other requirements (e.g. theatre or music auditions).
  • $65 application fee

To apply for admission, print and complete the EEP application and mail it to: Roderick Rose, Undergraduate Admission, University of Denver 2197 S University Blvd Denver, CO 80208

We must receive all materials in the Office of Admission at least one month prior to the quarter in which you want to enroll.

Fall Quarter: August 1 Winter Quarter: December 1 Spring Quarter: February 15 Summer Quarter: May 1

Permission to continue in the Early Experience Program is evaluated prior to each academic term. The University reserves the right to withdraw a student from this program at any time for poor academic performance or any misconduct related to academics or behavior.