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2018-19 Undergraduate Enrollment Adjustment

When you apply for financial aid, you are assigned a cost of attendance (or "budget") based on the typical enrollment of students in your program of study. 

If you are taking more credits than what is listed as typical for your program, submitting this form will increase the tuition and technology fee components of your cost of attendance. An offer of additional aid is not guaranteed. Funds, if available, will be in the form of a student loan.

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Student Information:
Standard Enrollment Adjustment:

Each student is assigned a standard student budget based on their degree and program of study. Identify your program below to determine the amount of tuition included in your current budget. If you are taking more credits than what is listed for your program—or you plan to graduate prior to the end of the spring quarter—please complete this portion of the form. (If you plan to register for the summer term, you will need to submit the summer aid application available in April 2019.)

  • University College programs: 6-8 credits per quarter
  • All other undergraduate programs: 12-18 credits per quarter
Graduation Adjustment
Are you graduating during the 2018-19 academic year?
Note: If you are graduating during the 2018-19 school year and plan to enroll less than full-time (less than 12 credits) during one or more of your final quarters at DU, your federal loan eligibility may be reduced as a result of the requested adjustment process.
Planned Enrollment

Please indicate the number of credits you plan to take for each quarter. If you are unsure of your enrollment for future quarters, leave those terms blank.

Interterm Enrollment

Please note that federal and state aid is limited for interterm courses. Indicate the number of credits you plan to take during an interterm below. If you are unsure of your enrollment in future interterms, leave those terms blank.

By submitting this form, you permit DU Financial Aid to reduce or increase your student budget, thus changing your financial aid eligibility. If you are requesting that your budget be increased for tuition due to enrollment in additional credits, you understand your actual enrollment will be verified at the end of the 100% add/drop period; if you do not enroll in the credit hours indicated, your budget and financial aid will be re-adjusted, and funds may have to be returned that you received inadvertently.

Please contact us if you have questions.



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