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Facilities Management & Planning

Facilities Management & Planning

Facilities Management & Planning

Facilities Snow Removal Plan and Policy

The university is committed to the safety of its students, faculty and staff. Should a major storm or other weather-related emergency occur, procedures are in place to determine whether the university is open for business as usual, whether classes and other activities are delayed, or if the university is closed.

Each snowstorm has its own unique characteristics, depending upon the time of year, the intensity of the storm, and the type of snow, the depth of snowfall, and other variable conditions.  

Snow will be cleared in a set priority in order to provide the maximum access to the campus and its facilities.

Snow routes from Centennial Towers on the north end of campus, and routes on the south end of campus to all Academic and Administrative Building will have  one prioritized route throughout the campus.

After the main access points are under control, the snow removal crews will focus on widening paths, clearing minor pathways, salting walkways, removing ice build-up and, in case of heavy accumulation, removing snow banks in parking lots to storage sites.  These operations may last for several days after the cessation of the storm.

Activation of the Snow Plan

If the snowfall is occurring after the daytime shift or on weekends, the snow plan will be activated as described below:

Level One:  No strong forecast for significant snow.  Campus Safety will call the Grounds Foreman when the hard surfaces have one inch of snow.

Level Two:  There is a strong forecast for overnight snow.  The Grounds Foreman will determine by 1:00 p.m. at what time the plan will be activated the next morning and shall inform the snow crew as to when they need to report for duty.

Level Three:  Conditions are bad enough that resources other than the regular snow crew are needed to keep the Campus open.  The Director of Facilities Management or designee will then call in additional personnel and/or resources as appropriate.