Be Prepared

Traveling abroad requires preparation to ensure a safe, smooth and fulfilling experience. Use our resources to make sure you're confident in your preparedness and ready for extenuating circumstances.



We're here to provide you with resources to ensure you're prepared for the health challenges travel can bring and supported in the case of any issues.

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Safety & Security

Traveling carries with it inherent risks, but with sensible decision-making and basic caution, along with our resources, you can travel smart.

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Gender Discrimination

We have resources available to help travelers who are abroad and experience any type of gender-based violence or discrimination.

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Insurance Abroad

Proper insurance helps ensures that you'll be covered in the event of a travel emergency. Find info on international insurance coverage and make sure you're ready for your trip.

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High-Risk Destinations

Travel to certain areas of the world requires additional safety considerations beyond the standard for general international travel.

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Pre-Departure Orientation

Access online courses for both students and employees that will prepare you to go abroad and manage your own safety and security.

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