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All faculty, staff, and students traveling internationally for University-related purposes must register their travel with the University. With this registration, the University will provide comprehensive travel medical insurance, can assist in emergency situations abroad, provide important travel resources prior to departure, coordinate evacuation and repatriation benefits, and better track the international efforts of all DU community members. In order to make the process as easy as possible, one's international travel can be registered in a number of ways depending on the traveler's affiliation with the university and their purpose of travel. 

Failing to register university-related international travel before leaving the U.S. can result in the disallowance of funding or academic credit and can impact the expense reimbursement process as well as potential worker's compensation or insurance claims.

Because Non-DU travel is not subject to this Policy, there is no requirement to register such travel.

Traveler Specific Information

  • Students on Programming Offered by the Office of International Education or University Academic Programs


    Students in these programs, which are typically undergraduate programming that takes place during an inter-term or is a quarter or longer in duration, will be registered automatically during the application and onboarding process. No additional registration is needed for this type of university-related travel. 

    *Be advised that due to varying legal and cultural norms worldwide, some international programs may have no option but to work with uninsured vendors, which means that the vendors may not be in a position to pay compensation for injuries caused by the vendor's negligence. Please contact with any questions.

  • All Other Students


    All students participating in an internship, externship, practicum, conducting academic research, attending or presenting at a conference, participating in a faculty-led program not administered by University Academic Programs during an interterm, a short-term study abroad program during the semester (e.g., often travel associated with an on-campus course), or traveling with an unaffiliated program must register their travel in DU Passport at least one week prior to departure. If the travel is to an elevated-risk destination, travelers must register at least 4 weeks before departure to allow time for review and approval. 

    NOTE: Once you have started the registration process, you must log in to DU Passport using the general DU Passport link to make any edits or changes.

    As part of the DU Passport registration process, all participants must read and electronically sign a variety of forms. Additionally, enter detailed logistics information, provide emergency contact information, and read and acknowledge information about additional travel resources.

    See the Field Experience Guidance Handout for general tips on traveling for field experiences.

    *Be advised that due to varying legal and cultural norms worldwide, some international group programs may have no option but to work with uninsured vendors, which means that the vendors may not be in a position to pay compensation for injuries caused by the vendor's negligence. Please contact with any questions.

    Higher-Risk Destination Approval Process

    If you're an undergraduate student who plans to travel to a location designated as 'high' travel risk or a graduate student who plans to travel to an 'extreme' travel risk location, your travel must be approved by the International Travel Committee (ITC). To view the relevant ratings, see the Higher-Risk Destination List.

    As part of that registration process, students wishing to travel to a location subject to a 'high' or 'extreme' travel risk rating must provide a statement that demonstrates the urgent need to travel to the region, approval of the travel by an appropriate person in the department or unit, and a clear acceptance of the risk involved. Once you register your travel in DU Passport, you will receive communication from the ITC about the status of your travel request.

    For more information about your travel destination, log into International SOS (enter membership number 11BSGC000067).

  • Faculty & Staff

    All employee business travel must be booked using the Pioneer Travel & Expense online booking tool or by booking through Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) directly when university funds are being used. Booking with CBT/Concur/Pioneer Travel and Expense satisfies the travel registration requirement. DU does not allow exceptions to this travel policy unless there is an extreme situation whereby a University Financial Services (UFS) Travel Analyst has confirmed CBT cannot provide the required travel and/or approval from the Provost or Chancellor has been received or a conference hotel with a negotiated rate can only be accessed when booked through the conference. More information can be found here: 

    If a 3rd party is paying for the entirety of one’s airfare (i.e., not DU funds), there is an option to indicate such in the Pioneer Travel and Expense travel request. Should that be the case, employees must register their travel in DU Passport as a means to provide details about their travel according to the process outlined in university policy 2.20.070, Risk Management for International Travel and to be eligible for our free emergency travel medical insurance.

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Traveler Eligibility Policies

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    Every traveler going abroad on University-related travel is subject to DU policies while traveling abroad, including the University Honor Code and the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policies.

    For complete information on these codes, please refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities website.

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    There may be times when students have a current mutual No Contact Order and have a concern they may be participating in the same study abroad program.

    A student who has this concern should contact the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities to discuss available options. Depending upon the time of the notification, there may or may not be options for a program change.

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    Faculty and staff are subject to Human Resources & Inclusive Community policies and procedures.


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