Health Considerations

Traveling can bring with it a unique set of health stressors and considerations, from vaccines and prophylaxis to cultural adjustment and homesickness. We're here to provide you with resources to ensure you're prepared for the health challenges travel can bring and supported in the case of any issues.

Health Consideration Checklist

  • Schedule an appointment with either DU's Health & Counseling Center or your physician, and/or contact our Travel Assistance partner to discuss required or recommended vaccinations and/or prophylaxis, current medications, ongoing health issues (physical, mental or emotional) and other health concerns.
  • If the DU provided travel medical insurance will not meet your needs, confirm that your health insurance will. This study abroad health insurance consideration document provides helpful questions to ask your health insurance provider. 
  • If you are traveling with medications, make sure that they're legal in your host country, that you have enough for the duration of your time abroad and that you keep them in their original containers.
  • Travelers with disabilities are encouraged to contact the relevant sending department and the Disabilities Services Program (DSP) early in the process to gather relevant accessibility information. Note that U.S. laws and regulations relating to disabilities generally do not extend beyond U.S. borders.
  • Gather information about the local health services provided while abroad. Our Travel Assistance partner can provide you with information regarding the closest hospitals and clinics and comment on their standard of care.
  • Research health issues and concerns prominent in your host country.
  • Consider the potential effects of cultural adjustment and determine coping methods before departure.