International SOS

International SOS (ISOS)  is the world's leader in medical and travel security services. DU's partnership with them goes hand-in-hand with the University's travel medical insurance policy. Whether you are about to head abroad on DU travel or already engaged in DU travel, ISOS is there for you 24/7.   

Here are examples of services that International SOS can provide:

  • Health, safety, and security advice, including advice from an experienced, Western-trained doctor or security specialist before or during your travel
  • Coordinate directly with our international travel medical insurance provider so the traveler never sees a bill
  • Arrangements for medical transportation or care, including evacuation to a center of medical excellence if local care is inadequate
  • Locate a local doctor or other provider credentialed by International SOS medical staff
  • Provide up to five free sessions of virtual mental health counseling
  • Locate medication or equipment
  • Obtain assistance with lost travel documents
  • Monitor a traveler’s medical condition and obtain advice
  • Contact a traveler’s family

To contact International SOS for assistance or with questions, call 1-215-942-8478 and have the University’s membership number available – 11BSGC000067. You can create an account to access DU's ISOS online portal by entering DU's membership number or following these instructions. Also, don't forget to download the ISOS Assistance App for destination-specific reports, to sign up for alerts and advisories, and much more. Note, ISOS services, and the international travel medical insurance, are not available to domestic travelers.

DU strongly encourages you to download the ISOS assistance App. Travelers will find alerts and advisories specific to their travel location, one click access to an ISOS Assistance Center by phone or text, destination-specific information, the ability to check-in with DU should the need arise, visa and vaccination requirements, and much more.