Other issues

If you have changed your password recently or you are certain it hasn't expired, there can be other reasons for a "login failed" or "invalid password" message:

1) You have had too many unsuccessful attempts at logging in.

This will "freeze" your account and will deny logins for 45 minutes. If you feel this is the case, leave your account alone for an hour, and then try again.

2) You are using Outlook, and it is configured to check messages at a frequent interval.

This will cause problems when your password is reset and you don't change it in Outlook. Outlook will continue to use the old password each time it automatically checks for new mail, causing the system to lock you out for 45 minutes. Please make sure you change your password in Outlook. See if the problem is resolved after an hour.

If you are using Internet Explorer as your primary Web browser and at one time selected the option to allow the program to store usernames and passwords, you must reset these before you can log in. To do this, go to "Control Panel" in your computer, select "Internet Options", then "Content" tab, and then "AutoComplete." From here, click on "Clear Passwords," and your password will be cleared from your browser's memory.

If you need assistance, please call the HelpDesk at 303.871.4700.