Advanced Topics

Terminal Emulation

Most of the deficiencies in the terminal emulation program provided with early version of SSH Corporation's secure shell client have now been fixed. Before setting up tunneling to run other terminal emulation programs through a secure shell connection you may want to make sure you are running the latest version of secure shell.

To see if you are running the latest version of SSH:

File Transfer

SSH Corporation's file transfer program now allows files to be transferred in either binary or ASCII (text) mode.


SSH "tunnels" can be used to allow insecure programs to transmit encrypted information between your workstation and the SSH server. For example, the SSH and QVT Web page describes how to configure an SSH tunnel for a terminal emulation program like an insecure version of QVT. Similar setups can be used for network programs that operate on different ports.

Publishing Web Pages

Typically, Web pages are stored in several files: one file for HTML and text and additional files for graphics. Programs like Netscape, Front Page, and DreamWeaver provide convenient mechanisms for publishing all these files with a single command. Versions 2.4 and later of SSH Corporation's secure shell client may allow these connections to be forwarded through a secure SSH tunnel. Please see SSH and File Transfer Programs for an example of setting up a tunnel for publishing a Front Page web.