What is Digication?

Digication is the online ePortfolio tool selected by the University that will allow students, faculty, and staff to create a digital portfolio of their work. 

Cost and Eligibility:

Digication is available for free for all DU faculty, staff and students.

Features and Benefits:

  • Create an ePortfolio to showcase work in less than 5 minutes
  • Multimedia support including image, video and audio
  • Supports upload of all file types - including documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Customizable layout & design
  • Flexible templates
  • Collaborative ePortfolio editing

How do I start using Digication?

  1. Go to du.digication.com.

  2.  Select the Login button.

  3. Enter your DU email address and password, then click Login.

  4.  You will be brought to the DUO multi-factor authentication page. Verify your identify to proceed.


  5.  Accept terms and proceed to the Digication webpage.

Training Resources

Self-Guided Training from the Digication Help Desk:

Assistance from the IT Software Adoption Team: 

Please submit a ticket if you are interested in one or both of the following. 

  1. Full migration support of one or more portfolios currently located in DU Portfolio
  2. An exploratory meeting to see examples, discuss options, and talk through recommendations based on your specific situation 

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