Security Resources for Faculty and Staff

CrowdStrike Antivirus

The University's version of CrowdStrike Antivirus protects your computer from viruses and spyware, proactive threats, and network threats. It protects your computer for as long as it is installed and does not expire.

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Data Encryption

Encrypting data is an additional method to keep sensitive information, such as FERPA-related information, research participant personal information, or job candidate information, hidden from those who do not need or should not have access to it. There are multiple ways of encrypting data, but two options that have been tested on campus are: VeraCrypt, a software-based encryption utility or hardware-based encrypted external USB flash drives.

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IT Security Checklist

The IT Security Checklist was developed to help users operate computers securely and to protect sensitive information. The checklist includes general security guidelines, password guidelines, and helpful links.

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LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a secure online password storage system that allows users to securely keep, generate, and share passwords, and store their user logins and websites, as well as other sensitive information in a password vault, so that you will only need to remember your LastPass master password. 

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Password Reset

If you are able to sign into your account and would like to change your login password for MyDU, and all linked University accounts (Including DU Email, Offie365 Account, MyHealth, etc.), follow the steps outlines in How to Reset MyDU Password and Forgotten Password.

Secure File Transfer

The Secure File Transfer service is ideal for DU community members who need to send or receive confidential data or transfer files that are too large to be sent via email.

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