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Renea Morris

Renea Morris

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person hanging from the side of a building dancing
In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the Newman Center Presents performing arts series, brought the vertical dance company BANDALOOP to campus for a celebration of the human spirit.

One of MarComm’s priorities is to become more and more intentional and strategic in our storytelling. One of the most compelling ways to elevate an organization’s reputation is by telling impactful stories, using content marketing as a key strategy. Content marketing is a way of getting engagement without explicitly promoting a particular brand. This strategy can be used to attract and retain an audience by sharing and creating relevant articles, podcasts, videos, photography, and other media. Creative and compelling content marketing has a way of “sticking” with your audience and helps increase viewers and followers. Other key benefits from the increased brand awareness include a strong brand, more content on your site, more visibility in search engines, and more traffic to your website.

picture of mountains from a balcony

MarComm’s video team has enjoyed working on b-roll packages for the colleges over the last few months and will be continuing that work into this quarter. The b-roll packages are important because they have bolstered internal marketing video assets for unique marketing needs. The b-roll package project is a collaboration with the video team and DU’s academic units, who have worked together in scouting for the best scenes to capture in order to help set the tone for each academic unit’s offerings. The b-roll packages provide flexibility for developing individualized collateral pieces. Here are a couple examples of what these packages look like that the team developed for the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science (RSECSand the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM). The footage in the video packages will yield stunning, branded content for countless multimedia storytelling projects.

Additionally, work on the b-roll packages has spurred different content marketing spots, such as  Project Angel Heart

Shout-out to MeiLi Smith, Lauren Cook, and Carri Wilbanks for completing phase one of the college b-roll packages, a series of stunning content marketing pieces, and additional social collateral. I’d also like to share a shout-out to Devon Balent, Abby Wineland, and Cami Wateska for their work to create compelling social media posts that are boosting followers and engagement on DU’s channels exponentially!

Below are some of the team’s other favorite content marketing videos, along with examples of how they were cross-marketed on DU’s branded social media platforms:

The Care Project

The Emergent Digital Practices Program (EDP)

Gymnast Lynnzee Brown

Bioengineering Master Student Ola Alsaadi and social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

DU Dungeons & Dragons Club and social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

a person painting

Another compelling way to tell stories is through photography. Each issue of the University of Denver Magazine features a photo essay from photographer Wayne Armstrong. In addition, Wayne is always busy capturing photos that are “on brand,” introducing DU’s personality in DU’s brand guide and illustrating compelling clips of university life.

two people in lab coats holding a brain