Photography plays an increasingly vital role in storytelling. Images should convey energy and authenticity by documenting engaging glimpses of the University of Denver experience and community. Coloring should feel both natural and vivid.

We classify photography into three categories: portraiture, concept/area of study and action/event. Within these categories, we make further usage determinations according to the three personality types.



Portrait photography highlights the ethical, intelligent and creative leadership of DU students, alumni and community members. Portraiture shines a light on those who are driving change, building their talents, embracing curiosity and learning from new perspectives to become critical thinkers and difference makers.

examples of portrait photography

Determined Engager

These portraits give the impression that the subject is caught mid-act as they pursue their goals. Camera angles are asymmetrical and are low and high angle, creating a candid, almost photo-journalistic manner.

Influential Idealist

These subjects are here to affect the world for the better. They confidently look from within their image, out to their vision for a better world. These photos are often symmetrical in composition and precise in their lighting. It’s helpful to give subjects lots of head room for their grand ideas.

Innovative Visionary

Innovative visionaries are exemplified by bright, precise lighting and environments where daring dreams turn into reality. Subjects are busy creating a better future, but have paused to interact with the viewer and offer a glimpse into their work and vision.

Concept/Area of Study

Photography focused on abstract ideas illustrates the limitless potential, ingenuity and academic excellence of the DU community. Through patterns, textures and color, this photographic style represents curiosity, forward-thinking, openness, optimism, inclusivity and experimentation. 

examples of concept/area of study photos

Determined Engager

This is the grind. Determined engagers show up with resolve to do the hard work that leads to real change. Photos of them and their workspaces will always be elevated documentation of their work
and chosen field of study. Crops will be tight, focusing on the action, and lighting will be dramatic and often low-key.

Influential Idealist

These subjects make connections, build community and collaborate for the greater good. We show this by capturing individuals actively interacting with their surroundings and peers. Lighting is bright and optimistic, without appearing forced or extreme.

Innovative Visionary

These photos show the advancement and growth within fields of study, spurred by enterprising visionaries who aim to create a better future for all. Bright lighting and a clear subject highlight the human face, spaces or the progress being made.


Action photography puts the spotlight on moments that depict people seizing opportunities and overcoming challenges through hard work and dedication as well as celebrating the milestones and moments of community along the way. The colors and patterns of action-oriented imagery speak to the bold, active, confident, hands-on nature of DU. This style showcases DU’s commitment to supporting local communities and the public good through diverse partnerships, connection and

examples of action photography

Determined Engager

Determined Engagers are resilient and committed to their cause. Action photography showcases their focus and determination with shots captured with high shutter speeds and wide aperture.

Influential Idealist

Action photos of Influential Idealists showcase peer-to-peer communication with long exposures to light trails and panning techniques to showcase expression and response.

Innovative Visionary

With a drive for discovery and thirst for improvement, Innovative Visionaries are future-focused and immersed in action. Their activity remains the primary emphasis of the camera with frequent singlepoint focusing and white balance adjustments