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COVID-19: Fall Term Update

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Sarah Watamura

COVID Coordinator

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Dear DU community members,

We are excited to welcome you to fall term! As we reintegrate our residential students and get ready for fall quarter classes, please follow these key steps:

1. Confirm that you have correctly uploaded your vaccine card or that your exemption has been accepted

  • Vaccination is required for fall term 2021. Verified vaccination records are due by Sept. 1, 2021. If you have not yet uploaded your vaccine record, please do so immediately.
  • If you requested a medical or religious exemption (for personnel) or medical, religious or non-medical exemption (for students) before Sept. 1, 2021, these records should be acknowledged in your MyHealth record.
How do I upload a COVID vaccine record?
  1. Log into your MyHealth account at using your DU ID and PioneerWeb password.
  2. Click on Messages (on the left side bar) then click the “New Message” button.
  3. Select “I want to submit my immunization record to the HCC” and then upload your record. 2.

2. Test on campus one to two days before your move-in date or the first day of class

  • You must test on campus. Click here for up-to-date hours and locations.
  • We are not accepting external COVID-19 test records until Sept. 25, 2021
  • Everyone must participate in fall term arrival testing, even if you have been cleared for campus all summer. If you are already cleared, please plan to take at least your first of two return tests between Sept. 4-17 to begin your fall arrival testing. Your second required test date will be assigned based on your first test date and will be within the same week for undergraduates or in the next week for graduate students, faculty and staff. You can see your next two expected test dates on PioneerWeb under “campus access status” on the top left after you log in. If you are starting new this term or have been away, please test one to two days before your planned move-in or start date.
  • SPIT testing is available seven days a week without an appointment—hours and information can be found here (generally 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., with extended hours for particular move-in days); nasal swab testing is available Monday-Friday from 8 p.m.-noon and 1-4 p.m. for a limited time and does require an appointment via the Health & Counseling Center.
To make a nasal swab COVID test appointment:
  1. Log into your account
  2. Select "Schedule an Appointment"
  3. Select "Affiliation" (Coverage selection if Student)
  4. Select "COVID Testing"
  5. Select "Nasal Testing"
  • Testing is required twice in the first week for undergraduates and once per week for faculty, staff and graduate students; once you have completed your two arrival tests, please check PioneerWeb for your updated test frequency. Your PioneerWeb campus access status will be updated with your next two test due dates.

Note: if you have tested positive in the past 90 days, please do not test, but please be sure your positive test result is uploaded into your MyHealth record.

How to submit existing test records:
  1. Log into your MyHealth account at using your DU ID and PioneerWeb Password.
  2. Click on Messages (on the left side bar) then click the “New Message” button.
  3. Select “I want to submit my COVID-19 RT-PCR Test Results to the HCC” and then upload your record.

3. Confirm your campus clearance and badge access.

  • Once you have a negative COVID-19 test result and vaccine record or exemption, your campus access should show as "cleared" when you log into PioneerWeb on the left side. If it is not ‘cleared’, look under your campus access status report to determine why. Note this location also tells you when your next COVID-19 test is due. Until you are ‘cleared’ you are not allowed within DU buildings except your residential room. Spit test results are typically the same day and nasal swab results the next day. Please test one to two before your planned arrival to allow time for clearance.
  • Once your status reads as "cleared", your badge access should be updated within a few hours and your badge should work for most academic buildings, the Community Commons, Anderson Academic Commons, the Ritchie Center, Driscoll South and, if applicable your residence hall. Please be patient as it takes time for us to process your test results and activate your campus access. If, after several hours, you are cleared for campus but your badge is still not working, please email Please badge into every door every time.

4. Classroom policies

  • While in class, please wear a mask, choose a seat for the quarter (seat choices will be recorded) and refrain from eating during class.
  • If you have any possible COVID-19 symptoms, test and stay home and away from others until your test results are negative.
  • If you test positive and need to isolate, please use the email provided by your contact tracer to inform your instructors. Instructors will support your course progress.
  • Instructors who are fully vaccinated, have received campus clearance and will maintain social distancing in the classroom may teach without a mask under alert level green. Please monitor campus alert levels for the most up-to-date guidance.

For more information on classroom policies, please see the classroom protocol.

Need Help? Please email, call 303-656-7137 (general information), 303-549-8867 (COVID testing), 303-416-0558 (emergencies), or visit the help center at the Chambers Center, 1901 East Asbury Avenue, open from Saturday, Sept. 4 through Friday, Sept. 17 from 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m., with hours to 8 p.m. on Sept. 6, 8, 11, 13 and 14.

Enjoy reconnecting with colleagues and friends in formal and informal activities on campus! Most activities are back in swing, the fitness center is open, and our buildings and grounds have returned to their normal capacity and use. We are so happy you are here!


Sarah Watamura

COVID-19 Coordinator