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Faculty and Staff Grants From April 2024

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University of Denver

Congratulations to the University of Denver faculty and staff members who received grants and awards in April 2024 for the following projects.

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Advancing Research Translation

  • Naazneen Barma, Josef Korbel School of International Studies
  • Grant from American University (subaward National Science Foundation)
  • Abstract: The proposed sub-award will support work by Bridging the Gap to inform and contribute to the development of research translation training programs at American University. Bridging the Gap has extensive experience conducting programs that train PhD students and faculty in the development of policy-relevant research questions, the dissemination of research findings to audiences outside academia, the establishment of links with policy practitioners and the pursuit of professional opportunities outside academia. Bridging the Gap will develop two training modules focused on research translation to be incorporated into American University’s training programs and provide foundational inputs as American University develops plans for its own research translation training programs.

Differential Diagnosis in Learning Disabilities

Wyoming Child Welfare and Early Childhood Partnerships Grant Evaluation

  • Shauna Rienks, Graduate School of Social Work
  • Grant from the Wyoming Department of Family Services (subaward Administration for Children and Families)
  • Abstract: The Butler Institute for Families will plan and implement a mixed-methods process and summative evaluation of an ACF-funded grant to improve collaborations across early childhood and child welfare systems in Wyoming. This study will involve analysis of administrative data and primary data collection with key partners.

Positive Emotion in Bipolar Disorder Onset and Illness Course in Emerging Adults

GeriCare EveryWhere Consortium Partner Agreement

  • Leslie Hasche, Graduate School of Social Work
  • Grant from the University of Colorado Denver
  • Abstract: Colorado Senate Bill 2023-31 creates the Colorado multidisciplinary health-care provider access training program to improve the health care of medically complex, costly, compromised and vulnerable older Coloradans. The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus shall develop, implement and administer this program. Dr. Hasche will support the program, which coordinates and expands geriatric training opportunities for clinical health professional graduate students enrolled in participating Colorado institutions of higher education across Colorado studying to become advanced practice providers, dentists, nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physicians (including medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy), physical therapists, psychologists, social workers and speech-language therapists.

Service Agreement

Differential Diagnosis in Learning - Community Engagement

  • Lauren McGrath, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Grant from the University of Colorado Boulder (subaward National Institutes of Health)
  • Abstract: The Engagement Core is a collaboration between the University of Denver and University of Colorado Boulder. The goal is to disseminate our research results effectively to community stakeholders and to engage in bidirectional communication that shapes future research directions. Dr. McGrath and Dr. Santerre-Lemmon will continue offering collaborative talks and webinars for public audiences and practitioners on evidence-based practices for children with specific learning disabilities.

Leadership Development and Facilitation

Time Series Analysis Research, From a Novel Jacobian Estimator to Applications to the Orion Capsule

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