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Faculty and Staff Grants From January 2024

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University of Denver

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Congratulations to the University of Denver faculty and staff members who received grants and awards for the following projects in January 2024. 

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Mechanisms Linking Family Violence and Infant Health and Development in the Perinatal Period

  • Galena Rhoades, Department of Psychology
  • Grant from Colorado State University
  • Abstract: This project will assist with study design, participant recruitment, supervision of graduate research assistants, assessment as it relates to intimate partner violence, and interpretation and dissemination of study findings. It will also assist with study design, collection of stress physiological data from mothers and infants, and interpretation and dissemination of study findings.

Intellectual Humility to Promote Therapists Multicultural Orientation: Addressing Mental Health Disparities in Therapy

  • Jesse Owen, Morgridge College of Education
  • Grant from Georgia State University
  • Abstract: This project will focus on the promotion of intellectual humility as a pathway to enhance therapists' multicultural orientation and ideally reduce mental health disparities in psychotherapy outcomes for racial and ethnic minorities. Dr. Owen and consultants will develop video content and training videos for therapists to learn and practice their approaches with mock clients. We will utilize AI technology to enhance the training experience in partnership with Lyssn, Inc.

International Career Advancement Program

  • Tom Rowe, Josef Korbel School of International Studies
  • Grant from Open Society Foundations
  • Abstract: The funds will continue to underwrite the participation of applicants who are accomplished mid-career professionals from underrepresented groups serving as Congressional staff or working for nonprofit organizations or other entities in international affairs whose employers cannot or will not fund their participation.

Colorado Behavioral Health Incentive Grant 2021-22 RFP2

  • Robyn Thomas Pitts, Morgridge College of Education
  • Grant from Colorado Department of Education
  • Abstract: Increased access to high-quality school-based mental health services is urgently needed by our nation’s youth, specifically by students attending high-need rural Colorado schools. The Rural School Psychology (RSP) program will alleviate the critical shortage of school psychologists (SP), specifically those from rural Colorado communities. The RSP program will expand SP services to rural students, such as counseling, academic and social emotional intervention, consultation and family collaboration.

A Machine Learning-Based Approach to Forecast Power Flows in the Environment of the Power Markets

Adams County Evaluation Consultant for Strengthening Families Partnership Project

  • Laricia Longworth-Reed and Suzanne Delap, Graduate School of Social Work
  • Grant from Adams County
  • Abstract: The ECPAC Strengthening Families Evaluation project focuses on program evaluation of ARPA-funded early childhood prevention services delivered to children and families within Adams County. Overall, the evaluation will provide information on process, outcomes, CQI and community perceptions of the prevention approach.

Casa Esperanza Cultivating MOMS: Mitigating Obstacles to Multigenerational Success

  • Lena Margareta Lundgren, Graduate School of Social Work
  • Grant from Casa Esperanza
  • Abstract: This project will provide program evaluation services for SAMHSA funded projects. The focus of this work is an outcome evaluation to ensure the efficacy of treatment services and ensure compliance with SAMHSA requirements. The secondary focus of this work is process evaluation to ensure the efficiency and continuous quality improvement of services.

Aurora Public School Blueprint APS Community Listening Sessions

  • Suzanne Delap, Graduate School of Social Work
  • Grant from Aurora Public Schools
  • Abstract: The Aurora Public Schools district (APS) is engaging with a consultant to conduct a series of public listening sessions for their constituents. This project will include facilitation of six to eight listening sessions, note-taking and brief reporting of each session. These facilitations will occur during December and January of 2024.

Donor Alliance Foundation: An Investigation of Organ Transplant Aftercare Practices in an Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) in Colorado and Wyoming: History, Experiences, and Opportunities for the Future

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