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Letter to Residential Students - March 13, 2020

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University of Denver

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As our campus and communities face challenges during this time, Housing and Residential Education is here to help you navigate the upcoming weeks.  We strongly urge those of you who are able, to return home for Spring Break and resume the first two weeks of classes from there. To help you prepare to move-out of your residence hall or apartment, please complete the following: 

  • Attend a mandatory floor meeting this weekend.  Be on the lookout for an email from your RA for details.
  • Complete the mandatory travel and housing survey by Monday, March 16th at 10am.  This will be emailed to you today.
  • Prepare to checkout of your room using the following checklist:
    • Pack all essential and valuable belongings and take them with you.  Take all supplies you need to finish finals and begin the Spring quarter remotely.
    • Pick up University supplied boxes from the front desk.  Front desk staff will label boxes with your name, ID number, and phone number. Pack all remaining items in your room.   If you cannot take all boxes with you, stack and place your boxes in your closet or under your bed.  
    • Empty your fridge and take out your trash.
    • Unplug all electronics except your fridge.
    • Leave your room clean. 
    • Once you have packed your belongings, go to the front desk and request a checkout with an HRE staff member.  The HRE staff member will observe the condition of your room and collect your room, mailbox, and storage key (if applicable). 
    • Know that in the event of an emergency, your room may be used while you are gone. 

If you’re unable to leave campus, please be aware of the following:

  • Complete the mandatory travel and housing survey by Monday, March 16th at 10am. This will be emailed to you today.
  • A DU staff member will contact you to discuss and approve your plans to stay on-campus. 
  • There will be limited dining options available over spring break for students who are approved to stay.  

If you are experiencing symptoms, call the Health and Counseling Center (HCC) and 303-871-2205 first before showing up at the clinic. Staff at the HCC will determine whether or not you should be seen in their office or an emergency room.

Visit Housing and Residential Education’s website for important information regarding living on campus.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation to help us keep our residential community safe.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Housing and Residential Education front desk at