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Maintaining momentum through the pandemic: DU faculty in the news

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Renea Morris

Renea Morris

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We’re six months into realizing the effects of coronavirus on our campus and in our community. And we’ve each witnessed or experienced the physical and mental effects of the pandemic.

Several University of Denver faculty members that are impacting society through public engagement are Public Impact Fellows. DU’s Public Impact Fellowship program, which welcomed its third cohort this fall, gives faculty access to training for disseminating their scholarship and research publicly.

Here are the most active DU faculty in the media from mid-March to now

  • Seth Masket, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (34 hits) | Example: LA Times
  • Apryl Alexander, Graduate School of Professional Psychology and Public Impact Fellow (30 hits) | Example: WSJ
  • Jack Strauss, Daniels College of Business (15 hits) | Example: CGTN

Some of the top Covid-related DU media mentions during the same time period include:

  • Govind Persad, Sturm College of Law and new Public Impact Fellow (15 hits) | Example: NYT
  • Jack Strauss, Daniels College of Business (15 hits) | Example: Denver 7
  • Mac Clouse, Daniels College of Business (13 hits) | Example: Newsweek

Additionally, our faculty are contributing regularly to DU’s podcast, RadioEd. Launched by MarComm in January 2020, this owned media channel has highlighted our faculty’s research and expertise through a variety of topics, ensuring that DU has participated in some of the most critical conversations and issues of the day.

To date, RadioEd has produced five episodes on Covid-19, which have featured the following DU academic units and faculty members:

Despite the challenges brought on by this crisis, the University is fortunate to have a cadre of faculty that are expanding their expertise in their chosen fields and are lending their voices to the media on issues facing higher education, including Covid-19.