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What is RadioEd?

You know that feeling when you read the news and have so many more questions? We know people like you. We are people like you. RadioEd taps into the University of Denver’s deep pool of bright brains to explore new takes on today’s top stories.


Note: In response to COVID-19, RadioEd will be operating on a modified publishing schedule. 

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About Us

Alyssa Hurst, Lorne Fultonberg and Nicole Militello

Hi there. We’re the voices you’ll hear on every episode of RadioEd: Lorne Fultonberg, Alyssa Hurst and Nicole Militello. We spend most of our days as writers at DU. But the best part of our jobs is getting out and talking to all the really smart, interesting people on this campus and hearing about the cool things they do and discover. We’re also all journalists who devour the news — no, not just Twitter — and are super curious about the world around us. On RadioEd, we get to bring it all together. How lucky are we? Every couple weeks, we get to ask really bright people about really interesting things. And then we all get to listen. We promise you’ll learn something and probably have some fun too.

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