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Tamara Chapman

Senior Managing Editor

Senior Managing Editor"

A podcast for people with questions

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For the perpetually curious, there’s no such thing as information overload.

RadioEd team
RadioEd's hosts Lorne Fultonberg, Alyssa Hurst and Nicole Militello

Hence the rising popularity of podcasts. They’re the easily accessed reference of preference for people who always have questions.

As of Tuesday, Jan. 21, those folks will be able to satisfy some of their curiosity via RadioEd, a University of Denver podcast showcasing the knowledge creation and innovative thinking on our campus.

“Podcasts are such a fun way to explore the world, from politics to movies to true crime to research. You get to step into a story, rather than just reading it on a page, and engage with the topics and people. It’s a really novel way to learn,” says RadioEd executive producer Alyssa Hurst. A self-described connoisseur of podcasts, she’s always looking for programs that bring something new to the conversation.  

Enter RadioEd. It kicks off with three episodes, hosted by Hurst and two other members of DU’s communications team: writer Lorne Fultonberg and media relations specialist Nicole Militello. Episode One explores what the Women's March has accomplished so far. Episode Two looks at how to make a Grammy-winning song. And Episode Three examines how brain injuries have changed the Super Bowl.

Additional episodes are scheduled for every other Tuesday. Find them at or wherever you download your podcasts.