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University of Denver Experts Available to talk about Spring, Tax Season, Climate Change and More.

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University of Denver

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bright spring flowers in an open meadow

For the month of April, faculty experts at the University of Denver are eager to talk about the psychology of spring cleaning, taxes, climate change and more, offering insightful perspectives to enhance public understanding and discussion. 

The Psychology of Spring Cleaning  

As we transition to spring, there’s a collective urge to embark on a whirlwind of decluttering. From purging our closets to organizing our spaces, is there a reason we feel compelled to clean around springtime?  According to psychologists, reducing stress and feeling accomplished and happier are some of those reasons. Dr. Carrie Landin, a professor in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology, is available to discuss the psychology of spring cleaning.   

Carrie Landin  

Tax Season / Financial Literacy Month  

With Tax Day almost here, now is the time to discuss taxes with Sharon Lassar, the director of the School of Accountancy at the Daniels College of Business. From advice for individual filers to addressing the shortage of certified public accountants, Sharon can provide valuable insight this tax season. Last year, Sharon led significant efforts to enhance financial literacy at Aurora Science & Tech High School. 

Sharon Lassar  

Climate and Sustainability  

Climate Anxiety  

As the world grapples with climate change, society is simultaneously experiencing a compounding problem – climate anxiety. According to a new study, more than 80% of Gen Z feels anxious about the impact of climate change, affecting major life decisions.  At the University of Denver, Julia Senecal and Kristen Greenwald, faculty in the Graduate School of Social Work, have created two courses aimed at helping students cope with the realities of climate change. Listen to Julia and Kristen on the RadioEd podcast talk about “What is Ecological Distress” 

Julia Senecal  

Kristen Greenwald 

Sustainability and Supply Chain 

Jack Buffington is an assistant professor in the Daniels College of Business and the Director of the Supply Chain Program. His professional and research experience is focused on supply chains, globalization, and the future of sustainability and healthcare worldwide.  

Jack Buffington