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University of Denver Reveals Plans for the Future

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Explore the Denver Advantage Campus Framework Plan

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The University of Denver and Chancellor Rebecca Chopp unveiled on Wednesday The Denver Advantage Campus Framework Plan. The Framework Plan is a long-term, flexible framework that explores ways DU can evolve over the years and decades ahead. It is the next step in fulling the Denver Advantage: a campus designed to fuel the collaborations and relationships proven to help students succeed, now and throughout their lives.

The first step is the construction of three new buildings this summer that will transform the student experience. All three buildings are set to open in fall 2020:

  • Community Commons
  • First-Year Residence Hall
  • Pioneer Career Achievement Center

“The needs of our campus and neighboring communities continue to evolve,” said Chopp during a presentation to the campus Wednesday morning. “We thought long and hard about what it means to plan for the future while keeping our core University values at the forefront. Education, the student experience and financial access remain our top priorities — to fulfill that promise, we’re creating spaces where people can establish a sense of belonging and build community.”

With The Denver Advantage Campus Framework Plan, the University envisions DU’s future as a vibrant college town in the heart of the city. Transforming its 125-acre campus to be more active, with more retail, affordable housing and restaurant options, and even the potential development of a hotel on the north side of campus. The University wants to blur its campus boundaries while being more visitor friendly to the surrounding neighborhoods and partnering with the city of Denver on an array of sustainable transportation alternatives.

Last month, the University launched its pilot bikeshare program with 200 ofo dockless bikes, encouraging sustainable transportation options. This July, the University will also launch a pilot with Chariot Shuttles: The first Chariot to come not only to the city of Denver but the state of Colorado. Chariot will provide a shuttle service to the DU community with stops at the light rail and other designated route stops, with hopes to expand the service to neighboring communities in the coming months.

With these exciting changes can be concern over increased traffic. The University is committed to the safety of its students and community members and is excited to announce that it has been approved to add additional pedestrian crosswalks along Evans Avenue, which sees more than 12,000 pedestrians a day.

While construction begins on three buildings this summer, other projects outlined in the plan may take five, 10 or even 20 years to be fully realized.

Review the full Denver Advantage Campus Framework Plan Executive Summary.