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Parking & Mobility Services

Parking and Mobility Services



Bike Registration

starsBe sure to register and permit your bicycle thru your Parking Services Account. Every June all unregistered bikes remaining on Campus are impounded from the bicycle racks. The owners of bikes that are registered on campus with identifiable permit stickers properly placed will be contacted before bikes are removed. Unclaimed bicycles are donated to the DU Bikeshare program and local non-profits.  

bfuwhiteRegistration is free and may be used to help alert bicycle owners to potential problems with their bicycle, or in the recovery process should the bicycle become lost or stolen. To register your bicycle you will need to know the manufacturer, model, and serial number which is engraved on the frame of the bicycle. Most serial numbers are located on the bottom of the bike frame in the area of the cylindrical portion of the frame where the pedals are attached. Once you register your bicycle, you will receive a DU registration sticker which may be placed on a visible area of the bicycle.

Bicycling is a fun, healthy, and an easy way to get around campus and town. Several Denver bike routes are accessible from DU, and for long trips you can even take your bike on the light rail and buses. To get started, check out the Denver Bike Map , a visually interactive mapping resource designed to promote the bicycling community in the Denver Metro area. 


Bike Parking


U leave it, U lock it!  The University of Denver requires all bikes on campus be properly secured to a provided bicycle racks with a U-lock. U-locks provide the best option for securing your property and deterring thefts from all Campus areas. U-locks may be purchased at most retailers offering bicycle accessories.  Bicycles left on racks unsecured may be secured by Campus Safety with a University supplied lock, or impounded for safe keeping.  If this occurs, please contact Campus Safety at 303-871-2334.

Bicycles that are part of a University approved ride-share program are exempt from this policy.

University Bicycle Policy

Safety: Heads Up!

Protect yourself and others by following these safety tips:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Ride your bike as you would drive a car
  • Always obey traffic signals and signs
  • Ride your bike on the street and always ride WITH traffic
  • If you're riding on campus, ride at a safe speed
  • Give audibles like "On your left!" to announce your presence
  • Avoid wearing headphones
  • Use front and rear bike lights
  • Use hand signals to indicate turns
  • Always properly lock your bicycle


Bike Sharing Program

Getting Started with ofo

Bike Share

Parking and Mobility Services and ofo have partnered to bring dockless bikeshare to the University of Denver as a one-year pilot.  Students, faculty and staff can now unlock and ride one of the 200 yellow ofo bikes located across campus. When you are done with your ride, park it in any bikeshare parking box painted on campus.  It's that simple!

If you chose to ride off of campus, you may park your bike at any bike rack in the city, or at the side of neighborhood streets in the right of way.  Rides may end anywhere in the pilot area (from Alameda Ave to Hampden Ave, South Broadway to Colorado Boulevard/I-25).

Four Affordable Options!

  • $0.50/hr
  • $9.95/month
  • $25.95/quarter

How it works

Download & Register

  • Download the app, confirm you have a email, locate bikes nearby.

ITunes App    Google App

Find A Bike

Open the app and find a yellow ofo symbol

How to fine a bike

Unlock & Ride

  • Tap the "unlock" button in the app and scan the QR code on the bike to automatically unlock.

Unlock and Ride

Park & Lock

When your ride is complete, park the bike at any bike parking box, painted on the ground on campus, or at a city bike rack on at the side of the street in the city pilot area.  Manually lock the bike to end your trip.

Trip Detail Bike Box

Dos and Dont's

ofo bikes are meant to provide a service to the whole DU community, increasing riding across campus and to the light rail, as well as providing a means to explore the surrounding neighborhoods.  It is up to each user to make this pilot a lasting success.

Do    Good

ofo encourages proper usage and parking of bikes through points applied to each user's account.  Proper usage earns users points which can be redeemed for coupons within the app.

  • Place bikes in parking boxes when finished with ride
  • Park bikes within the pilot area in the community
  • Report improper usage or damaged bikes to

Don't Bad

ofo discourages improper usage and parking of bikes through points deducted from each user's account.  If a score drops too low, a user's account will be closed.

  • Impeding the paths of mobility and vision impaired by parking bikes on sidewalks
  • Defacing campus and the community by placing bikes where they don't belong
  • Not parking in designated campus

Provide Pilot Feedback

Let us know how the pilot is working on campus and in your neighborhood.  Fill out this survey if you're using the bikes, seeing the bikes, or interested in sharing your opinion on the dockless bikeshare pilot.

How to report misuse

OFO Reporting

  • From within the app, tap on the wrench from the main page, then select illegal parking.
  • If you don't have the app, you can email an image to us at [email protected]

ofo Points System

The ofo score is used to maintain and encourage good behavior among ofo riders.  After signing up with ofo, you are rewarded 100 ofo points.  If your ofo score is reduced to 0, you can no longer use ofo bikes.

If you have questions or experience any issues with your ofo score, please email us at [email protected]

Good Behavior

  • Complete a trip                                                                   +1
  • Report a broken bike (upon ofo verification)                         +2
  • Report an illegally parked bike (upon ofo verification)          +3
  • Share your ride on social media (first time)                          +1
  • Park in a preferred parking area                                           +1

Poor Behavior

  • Improperly locking bike                                                       -50
  • Parking illegally                                                                   -10
  • Using an unauthorized bike lock                                            Reduced to 0
  • Damaging a bike                                                                   Reduced to 0
ebike and Scooter Shares

The City and County of Denver is piloting dockless mobility options in the city. These include multiple vendors who are providing bikes, electric bikes, and electric scooters as mobility options across the city. While these provide commuting options across the city, ebikes and electric scooters may not be operated mechanically on campus pathways for safety reasons. If you ride to campus on one of these options, please park at a local transit stop on Evans or University.

Bike Fix Stations

If your bike gets a flat or you need to make a small repair, there are bike fix stations on campus that include a bike work stand with tools and an air pump. The fix stations are located outside of the following buildings:  fixstation

  • Nagel Hall
  • Centennial Towers
  • Anderson Academic Commons
  • Johnson-McFarlane Hall
  • Boettcher Center
  • Driscoll North
  • Ritchie Center
  • Bike Mechanic Hours

Piogears Underground:  Campus Bike Shop

Is your repair just a bit too big for you to handle? If your bike is registered on campus, tuneups are free in the bike shop in the basement of Nagel.  You pay for any parts.

The bike share program is a student-driven, Sustainability Center supported program that aims to provide low cost bike rentals to students to use for the entire quarter. For $20, students are provided with a 10-week bike rental, helmet, and University approved U-lock, as well as a free tune-up. The bike share program is supported in part by the Bikes Together (formerly Park Hill Bike Depot). Find out more about the bike share program.

Local Bike Shops

In addition to the Office of Sustainability bike shop and the Bike Fix Stations, the University provides the list below of local bicycle retailers as part of our participation in Bicycle Friendly University program:

Showers for Bike Commuters


 If you commute to campus by bike and would like to shower upon your arrival, there are many options. Showers are first come, first serve and do not have space to store your personal belongings. Please be courteous and take short showers. 

  • Anderson Academic Commons (basement, room 161)
    This shower can be reserved using PioneerWeb. Once logged in, click the "Resources" tab > "Space, Event, and Library Study Room Requests" > click "Campus Space & Event Requests" to enter 25Live. Locate the Anderson Academic Common room 161 Shower to book.
  • Nagel Hall (basement, use stairs near main desk)
  • Ruffatto Hall (4th floor, west side)
  • Ricketson Law Building (4th floor)
  • Facilities Service Center (two located in the main floor bathrooms)
  • Coors Fitness Center (available for members only)