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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

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Proposal Preparation

Internal Submission Deadlines

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs submits proposals on behalf of research faculty and staff.

In order to provide the highest level of collaborative service, the proposal submission policy is as follows. All processes are intended to enhance communication and improve efficiency.

10 Business Days Prior to Submission Deadline

We request that PIs contact ORSP as soon as they identify a potential submission, but no later than 10 business days prior to the submission deadline.

Notifications received within 10 days of submission will require approval by the Associate Provost for Research to be accepted by ORSP and submitted. ORSP requires the following information:

  • Sponsor information
  • Solicitation number, website and/or copy of soliciation
  • Proposal due date and time
  • Estimated total budget
  • IDC waiver requested (if applicable)
5 business days prior to submission deadline
  • Proposal Review and Approval (PRA) and Scope of Work (SOW) Form. More information on the PRA can be found below.
  • Budget - Please email ORSP if you would like a copy of ORSP's budget template
  • Budget Justification
  • Approval from the Associate Provost for Research for indirect cost waiver or University provided equipment matching funds.
8:00am - 3 business days prior to submission deadline

The final proposal submission package (including the specific narrative and final budget) must be received by ORSP by 8:00am 3 business days prior to submission deadline.

Submission of proposals received after this time cannot be guaranteed. A completed PRA form (including all approval signatures) is required for any submission.

Proposals without a complete PRA will not be submitted by ORSP.

In cases where the PI knows that these deadlines will be hard to meet due to extenuating circumstances, ORSP and the Associate Provost for Research need to be notified at least 5 business days prior to submission. Examples of such extenuating circumstances are:

  • Consortium proposals
  • Significant contracts in proposal requiring subcontractor information
  • Solicitation published within 14 days of submission deadline
Proposal Review & Approval (PRA)

The PRA is an internal processing document that discloses key project and compliance information, along with appropriate signatures/project approvals. A draft of the PRA form, along with administrative and budgetary components, should be submitted to ORSP at least five business days prior to the submission deadline. The final proposal package, including the fully completed and signed PRA form, must be submitted to ORSP at least three full business days prior to proposal submission.

PRA Signatures
Who signs the PRA for submission to ORSP?

  1. The Principal Investigator and all University of Denver Co-PI’s.
  2. The signature of the Department Chair and/or Dean, depending on the division. Please consult with your Department Chair, Department Administrator or ORSP Project Administrator on approval requirements for your Division.
  3. An email approval from the Associate Provost for Research is required for indirect cost waivers.

Once the PRA is submitted to ORSP, the Assistant Controller for Research Administration will sign the form. Please contact your Project Administrator for guidance on completing the PRA.