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Sponsored Programs Policies

Explore a full listing of important sponsored programs policies.


Conflict of Interest

Familiarize yourself with our financial conflict of interest policy.


Equipment & Property

Find our equipment matching policy.


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The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs is dedicated to helping our researchers navigate issues around export control.

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OMB Uniform Guidance

All federal awards and incremental funding actions made on or after December 26, 2014, are subject to the to the OMB  “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards” (also known as “ Uniform Guidance” or “2 CFR 200”). The Uniform Guidance replaces A-21, A-110 and A-133.  

Existing federal awards that do not receive incremental funding with new terms and conditions will continue to be regulated under the terms and conditions of the federal award. The Uniform Guidance does not retroactively change the terms and conditions for funds a non-Federal entity has already received.

All ORSP policies have been updated to meet the requirements of the Uniform Guidance. In cases where there was a substantial change to the ORSP policy due to the change federal regulations, the previous version of the policy is available and should be used for existing awards that remain subject to A-21 and A-110.

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Reporting Ethics/Compliance Issues

We're committed to full compliance with state and federal laws and ethical standards. If you see or suspect a compliance issue, we offer a variety of options to anonymously report your concerns to the University.

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Research Misconduct

The University of Denver requires that intellectual honesty and the highest ethical standards in research be maintained. We rely on the acceptance of responsibility by each member of our community to adhere to professional standards of conduct in all research activity. The issue of misconduct in scholarly activity is a matter of serious concern to universities and other research institutions, individual faculty, sponsors of research, and the general public.

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Intellectual Property

The Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer assists faculty, staff and students with issues related to Intellectual Property protection. This includes managing, protecting and licensing the University's Intellectual Property (IP). The office is responsible for promoting research partnerships and negotiating agreements between the University and outside entities. These partnerships help enable federally funded research findings to be further developed.

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