The Sponsored Programs Administration office offer a variety of training opportunities for divisions and customized sessions for individual PIs. Our goal is to provide the DU community with the tools necessary to maintain a high level of quality, integrity and compliance in all areas of sponsored program administration.


Department Administrator Resources

  • On-Site Training

    Sponsored Programs Administration provides flexibility and customization to each department. Depending on the topic of interest, Grant & Contract Administrators can meet one-on-one with Department Administrators, PIs, or with a group from each department/division. This training provides a more personal atmosphere with content that is specifically geared to a department’s needs.

    This type of training is appropriate for all levels of research administration, but especially for highly experienced departments who need clarification on specific issues or less experienced departments looking for a general introduction to the basics of sponsored programs administration. Grant & Contract Administrators are happy to schedule these meetings in your office in order to provide convenience for those involved.

  • Coffee with SPA

    Sponsored Programs offers quarterly "round table discussions" focusing on current issues in the field of sponsored programs administration. Each session is led by Sponsored Programs staff and are a great way for Department Administrators to stay up-to-date on University and sponsor policies while networking with administrators from other departments.

  • New Award Briefing

    When a PI receives a grant or contract, the Project Administrator will offer a new award briefing to discuss budgetary info, compliance components, and deliverable deadlines. It is possible that depending on the terms & conditions of an award, a new award briefing will be required in order to release funding. This is a great opportunity for the PI, Department Administrator, Budget Officer and any other key personnel on the award to understand the necessary components of the award as well as who has responsibility for completing each item. If you have any questions regarding a new award briefing, please contact your Grant & Contract Administrator.

Important Resources