Overtime Policy

Salary costs on all sponsored programs are to be incurred, so far as practical, without the use of overtime effort. When delivery or performance schedules require work in excess of the normal workweek, the principal investigator/ project director shall notify the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to determine individual sponsor limitations on this cost.

Written Notification

Some sponsored agreements require written notification of the overtime needs of the program. If circumstances cannot be predicted in advance, it is necessary to notify sponsor representatives after costs are incurred. Some agreements require contract/grant officer approval of these costs, but most sponsoring agencies require only written notification of the level of excess hours, cost and the reason they are necessary.


Labor hours incurred by non-exempt personnel in excess of a workweek of 40 hours.

Overtime Premium Pay

Difference between the non-exempt personnel's regular rate of pay and the time-and-one-half rate of pay.