Program Income Policy

Procedure for Program Income

Program Income is disposed of in accordance with OMB Uniform Guidance "Program Income."

  • The Project Director/Principal Investigator is responsible for reporting income to the Project Administrator in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.
  • The Project Administrator interprets the sponsor rules and regulations regarding use of program income, determines whether or not the income is considered "program income," and initiates any accounts that may be needed to segregate program income.
  • In addition, should a different arrangement than that provided in the grant or other agreement be desired, the Project Administrator coordinates the request to be submitted to the sponsoring agency.

PHS Proposals

For PHS proposals, the investigator is asked whether or not program income is anticipated during the period(s) for which grant support is requested.

  • If the answer is yes, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs coordinates appropriate action (initiating separate accounts, as described above) with the Principal Investigator.
  • For other sponsors, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs asks the Principal Investigator this question on the review and approval, which occurs at the time of proposal submission. When the award is received, if the response to this question was yes, appropriate action is coordinated with the investigator.
  • In addition, at the time of close-out, investigators are asked whether or not any program income occurred during the period of support. If the answer is yes, ORSP confirms that appropriate action was taken during the award period, or takes action to correct any deviations.
  • Deposit of funds directly into ledger 5's are reviewed by ORSP. The only funds that are directly deposited into sponsored project accounts are refunds of expense. Review of these deposits facilitates identification of program income.