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International Travel

Report an Incident

Report an International Incident

If this is an emergency, please call the local emergency number, International SOS at 215.942.8478 (DU Membership: 11BSGC000067), and DU Campus Safety at 303.871.3000.

If you are a DU faculty or staff member who is made aware of an incident abroad involving a DU traveler, please click below to submit an Incident Report. Reportable incidents include but are not limited to any medical, mental health, student conduct, sexual misconduct, and criminal related issues. See the Nature of Incident Definitions list for more details about reportable incidents.

Submit A Report

The purpose of the report is to document details of an incident abroad, to outline what actions have been taken, and to request additional support from Enterprise Risk Management. Also by reporting international incidents, you are facilitating DU compliance with federal law. All submitted information will remain private and will only be shared with relevant persons.