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Who is Covered by the Procedures?

The University of Denver supports and promotes travel by individuals whose academic or business activities involve international travel. Individuals and programs covered by these procedures include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following types of international travelers:

  • University-run study abroad programs
  • Study abroad programs involving partners of the University
  • Unaffiliated student study abroad programs
  • Group programs, including faculty-led and student-led, including International Service-Learning (ISL) programs
  • Faculty research and sabbaticals
  • Graduate student research related to a degree program or on behalf of the University
  • Faculty and staff handling University business
  • Internships
  • Student-led trips
  • Travel that is required to fulfill degree requirements as established by academic units
  • Travel for University athletic programs
  • Travel that is funded by the University
  • Alumni traveled sponsored by the University

The University requires its students, faculty, and staff to follow these procedures when traveling outside of the United States for University-related academic or business matters. 

These procedures do not apply to international travel that is not approved by the University.  The University assumes no responsibility for or control over non-approved international travel.  Individuals are not entitled to any academic-related or travel-related benefits, including credits or funding, during non-approved travel.

These procedures support University of Denver Chancellor-approved policy number 2.50.070 on University-related international travel by students, faculty, and staff.  Additional procedures may apply to particular types of international travelers, such as study abroad programs and faculty-led travel.  If there is a conflict between these procedures and other procedures, these procedures apply.  Exceptions to these procedures are not desirable or anticipated but may be necessary for unanticipated or very unusual circumstances.  Any exceptions must be approved by the International Travel Committee (ITC) in writing.