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Register Your Travel

Faculty-Led Participants


All faculty-led program participants are required to register their travel in DU Passport at least one week prior to departure. Faculty-led programs include all group programs whether or not led by faculty; programs include alumni, student-led, athletic, and staff-led programs. Registration should take about 15-20 minutes to complete. 

NOTE: Once you have submitted your registration, you must log in to DU Passport using the general DU Passport link to make any edits or changes. 

Register Your Travel

As part of the DU Passport registration process, all participants must read and electronically sign the following forms:

  • Risks and Responsibilities Agreement*
  • Participant Responsibility Statement
  • Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

Additionally, participants must provide emergency contact information and read and acknowledge information about additional travel resources. 

If you do not have DU login credentials, see the Group Program Participant Registration DU Passport External User Guide for more information. 

*Be advised that due to varying legal and cultural norms world-wide, some international group programs may have no option but to work with uninsured vendors, which means that the vendors may not be in a position to pay compensation for injuries caused by the vendor's negligence. Please contact with any questions.