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International Travel

Register Your Travel

All students traveling internationally for University-related academic or business matters are required to register their travel through the University's travel registration system, DU Passport. All faculty and staff traveling internationally for University-related academic or business matters are required to submit a Request in Pioneer Travel and Expense.

By registering in DU Passport or submitting a Request in Pioneer Travel and Expense, the University can assist in an emergency situation abroad, provide important travel resources prior to departure, coordinate evacuation and repatriation benefits, and better track international efforts of all DU members. For faculty and staff, submission of a Request also significantly aids in the handling of workers compensation claims.

Failing to register travel in DU Passport or to submit a Request in Pioneer Travel and Expense before leaving the U.S. can result in the disallowance of funding or academic credit and can impact the expense reimbursement process.

Traveler-Specific Information

Faculty Led Participants Experiential Learning
Faculty & Staff OIE Study Abroad Students


Traveler Eligibility

  • Every traveler going abroad on University-related travel is subject to DU policies while traveling abroad.
  • These include the University Honor Code, the Student Student Rights and Responsibilities Policies, and other related policies. For complete information on these codes, please refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities website.
  • There may be times when students have a current mutual No Contact Order and have a concern they may be participating in the same study abroad program. A student who has this concern should contact the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities to discuss available options. Depending upon the time of the notification, there may or may not be options for a program change.
  • Faculty and staff are subject to policies found on the HRIC website.