Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP)

The University of Denver (DU) permits third parties to use University facilities for special events through TULIP, which provides low-cost general liability insurance to third-party users of DU facilities. TULIP protects both the Facility User (the third party) and DU against claims by event participants who may be injured or lose property in low-risk events such as seminars, receptions or weddings to higher-risk events including camps, sports events or concerts.

TULIP can only be purchased when the event takes place in a DU-owned facility. It does not extend to other properties, e.g. the Cable Center.

To request TULIP or a quote, complete the TULIP online request

Online Request
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Purchasing TULIP

Third parties with no relation to the institution and no institutional financial support need to obtain the TULIP Code from their event planner to complete an application form. Coverage must be paid via credit card. Upon completion of the transaction, they will receive an emailed copy of their application and a binder of coverage. Our department will receive a copy of the Certificate of Insurance and forward it to the event planner.