Insurance Claims

The Insurance & Workers' Compensation subdivision of the Department of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) manages insurance portfolios and claims associated with our policies, in addition to assessing potential liability to the University. Our liability information encompasses general, automotive, professional, property, and international insurance, all of which help protect you and the University from hazards or perils that may impact the life safety, reputation, financial, property, and operations of the institution.

General Liability

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General Liability insurance is maintained by the University to provide coverage for third party incidents, accidents, products liability, and bodily injury.

  • Reporting a Claim

    When a third party is injured or claims a loss:

    • Contact Campus Safety at 303-871-2334
    • Contact ERM at or 303-871-3810

Professional Liability

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Various types of professional liability are maintained by the University for those involved in specialty practices. This coverage does not cover pro-bono or private practice of any kind. Please contact the Executive Director to discuss your specific needs.

  • Provided Coverage

    Coverage provided for DU-organized activities include:

    • Medical/Psychologists Malpractice for interns and supervising professors while in the course of their duties for DU
    • Lawyer’s Legal for the Law Clinics
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International Liability

For all DU-sponsored travel, you are required to comply with DU's International Travel Policy and should satisfy all travel requirements to ensure that you are eligible for DU's emergency evacuation/repatriation of remains coverage.

Automotive Liability

Before driving a DU-owned/leased vehicle or renting a vehicle for DU-related business, you must be cleared to drive by ERM. View Driver Responsibilities.

Review the DU Driving Procedures for information regarding training requirements, accident reporting, and driver eligibility.

The University of Denver insures all DU-owned, leased, and rented vehicles.

  • Reporting Auto Claims (within 24 hours)

    In case of ANY collision involving a University vehicle:

    • Call the local police and obtain from the other driver:
      • Full name, address, phone number
      • Driver’s license (state, number, date of birth)
      • Insurance company information and policy number
      • Vehicle license plate, make, model, VIN and damage
    • Give to the other driver:
      • DU insurance information
      • DU ERM contact information: or 303-871-3810
    • Call DU Campus Safety immediately if on campus at 303-871-3000; if off-campus call once you arrive at a safe location at 303-871-2334
    • Contact DU ERM within 24 hours at or 303-871-3810 regardless of the extent of damage
  • Rental Vehicles

    If you are renting a car, you will encounter several insurance coverage options offered by the rental car company, which are described in the table below. The second column of the table provides a definition for the coverage and explains the circumstances when you should buy the coverage from the rental car company.



    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or
    Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

    This provides coverage for damage to the rental car. IF a DU staff member pays for a rental card with a DU P-card, this coverage may be declined because the P-card includes this coverage as an added benefit. Contact Business Services or ERM for more information on Visa P-card policy limitations concerning this coverage. DU staff are not required to decline this coverage and may accept it if preferred.

    Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

    This provides renter and passengers with accidental death, accident medical expense, and ambulance expense benefits. PAI coverage may be declined by DU staff members whose only passengers are other DU staff members since they are covered by workers' compensation. However, PAI coverage should be purchased when non-employees will be passengers in rented vehicles.

    Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP)

    This provides coverage for third-party claims for bodily injury and property damage that arise from the use or operation of the rental vehicle. This coverage should always be purchased pursuant to University Board-approved policy on travel.


  • International Rental

    If traveling internationally, always purchase rental car insurance.

Property Liability

DU provides property insurance for all of its owned and leased property. We do not cover personal property.


  • Claim Reporting

    Should your department incur any building or equipment damage please notify Campus Safety for a report, and contact the Risk and Insurance Analyst immediately or within 24 hours at or 303-871-3810.

  • Training

    Hotwork and Impairment training are offered online through FM Global.

    Information regarding DU's Hot Work Program can be found at the Environmental Health & Safety website.

  • Contractors

    To obtain passwords, contractors must submit a list of employees, their e-mail addresses and their company's name plus a reference to DU index 72522.95 to Paul Mullin. Once passwords are issued, the training can be found at